Need a blog writer, ghost writer, grammar checker, proofreader, product reviewer, or party clown for your wedding? Well, I can help you with everything but the last one.

I blog for fun but I pay the bills as a patent agent. In other words, I spend all day making sure my logic is great and my grammar is even better. (When you're working with the Patent Office, proper punctuation placement is taken very seriously.)

I know a lot about running from my years as a collegiate athlete, science from my years as a researcher, patent law from my job, and everything else from Google. I'm all about fact checking, superb synonym usage, and getting to the point.

If you'd like to work with me, I'd be thrilled to hear from you. If you're looking for a clown for your big day, please go away.

Want to try before you buy? Well of course you do; check out some samples of my work below. If you still can't decide, feel free to ask me for some more. Or just, you know, read my blog.

Science Writing Samples

Findings Underline Potential of New Technology to Diagnose Disease
Study Points to Potential New Therapies for Cancer and Other Diseases

Fun Writing Samples

22 Really Weird And Annoying Things Runners Do
5 Guys You’ll Find In Every Gym’s Weight Room

Miscellaneous Writing Samples

First Annual Scripps Florida Mentorship Award Honors John Cleveland
Workshop Reveals Keys to Effective Networking

Blog Review Samples

React Mobile
My Name Necklace

My Chicago Blog

Not Before my Tea

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I'm way more fun than a clown, I promise. A lot less creepy too.