I'm Nicole. I started blogging in 2013 after a solo post-college move to Chicago, a time when blogging was easier than making friends. (RIP Not Before my Tea.) Since then, I've started blogging less, partly due to less existential crises, partly due to finally making friends. (And by friends, I mean my hedgehog.)

I currently live in Southwest Florida with my husband, Derrick, our orange maniac of a cat, Remus (named after the honorable Remus Lupin), and our perpetually grumpy hedgehog, Penelope. Other than writing, my hobbies include reading, Crossfit, and drinking red wine (though seldom at the same time).

There's a lot more to my story than what I write about here, but this blog is a collection of the important parts. And if you can believe anything they tell you in freshmen orientation, that's all I really need: the "elevator pitch" of my life, if you will.

Hopefully you'll stick along for the ride.