November 24, 2017

Annual Life Update

Hello everyone! And by everyone, I mean no one, since I can't really expect anyone to be here when the person who actually owns this GD site—me—only shows up once a year.

That said, if for some strange reason you are here: Welcome. I love you. And I do not deserve you.

Anyway, I decided to dust off the ol' blog because I recently designed a new website (a Wordpress website—please hold your applause), which reminded me of this website, which was much easier to design and is much more interesting, IMHO. If you're interested, the new website is creatively titled It's pink and painfully boring, but it's also responsive (am I saying that right? It works on phones and tablets. I'm trying to say it works on phones and tablets) and took me a lot longer to figure out than I'd like to admit.

But anyway, I'm not here to promote that new site (which actually contains as close to nothing as a website can possibly contain). The real reason I'm here is to give my annual life update in hopes that this turns into at least a semi-annual thing. Because I miss blogging! (But not, like, that much, as evidenced by my lack of blogging.)

Anyway, to the update! Here are four things that happened to me since I last posted that I would like to discuss:

1. I signed with a literary agent!

This is by far the most exciting news of all the news I wanted to talk about, and it will probably be the subject of a much longer post in the future. But to summarize, someone (other than my mom) liked my book enough that she's decided to work with me!

I rarely use exclamation points when I write, so the fact that I've now used two should tell you how I feel about this development. But in case it doesn't, I feel like this: I am grateful and nervous and PUMPED and sorta weepy and honestly, still in disbelief. Traditional publishing is hard, guys. Like, getting a literary agent is only the very first step in this whole thing, and I've already been told I'm not good enough more times than I really think should be allowed. But that's just how the game is played, and at least I'm making progress.

But before you start mapping out the fastest route to Barnes and Noble, I'm going to stop you right there, because having a literary agent absolutely does not guarantee my book is going to be published. The next step, after my agent and I revise the book as she sees fit, is for her to start submitting it to editors who will hopefully want to publish it (which is by no means a done deal).

Of course, I'll update this empty room—uh, I mean my blog—if this happens (along with any and all social media outlets I can get my hand on). I'll also update my fancy Wordpress site, which was built for that very purpose. In the meantime, though, please enjoy this unnecessarily large picture of my face featured on my agent's website.

2. I went to Iceland.

I mentioned this in my last life update, and I am pleased to report that things went according to plan (i.e., I did not fall into a glacier crevice and die, though not for lack of trying). This will also likely be the subject of an upcoming blog post because the pictures are amazing.

And in case you're wondering, no, the amazing pictures are not because of the sinfully expensive camera I bought and never use, as Derrick likes to remind me frequently. Iceland is just the most colorful, surreal, and frankly, photogenic place I've ever been to. See, for example, Exhibits A and B, below:

The top picture is of my friend, Hannah, and the bottom is of me. They were both taken with my iPhone 6 (the one with the cracked screen) and are probably the best pictures that have ever been taken of us. So thank you for that, Iceland. (10/10 would recommend, by the way.)

3. We got a cat.

Remus R. Cat (named after the honorable Remus Lupin) was born sometime around April 25, 2017, in a small hole in the ground in Southwest Florida. A friend of a friend found him and his siblings in said hole, and because it appears their mother died (or otherwise abandoned them), our friend's friend nursed those sweet babes back to health. And then, once she started spreading the word that four gerbil-sized kittens needed a home, the rest is history.

When we first brought Remus home, he was so small that you couldn't even tell if he was male or female. The lady who was taking care of them thought he was a female, so for the first 24 hours in our home, he was known as Clementine. He also had fleas.

Both of those things (the gender identity crisis and the parasites) were taken care of the next day at the vet, and it's been mostly love ever since! I say mostly because Penelope is not a fan. During Remus's witching hour (i.e., when he goes batshit for no reason), I'm also not a huge fan either. But he more than makes up for it when he is being sweet, which really is most of the time.

4. Derrick and I booked our flight to Israel.

After I shared the above pictures of Iceland with Derrick, I think I infected him with the travel bug. I took that trip with some of my girlfriends, and now Derrick wanted a turn. We have a lot of places on our bucket list (or, should I say, before-we-start-trying-to-have-kids-and-have-another-small-human's-life-dependent-on-our-responsible-decision-making list), but Israel is definitely at the top.

So we got the flights, got the Airbnbs, got the rental car, and got the Insta-worthy swimsuits for our float in the Dead Sea. In other words, I think we're ready. (Or at least, that's what I'm telling myself.) Any and all recommendations are unbelievably welcome, though!


Well, that got out of hand pretty quickly, so I'm going to stop there. I really do plan on making this a more frequent thing, though, so I don't have to dump a year's worth of news into one obnoxious post.

That said, I'm not making any promises. Mainly because I don't like breaking promises.