October 10, 2016

Liriodendron Fall Wedding: Getting Ready

I don't want to pick a part of my wedding that was my favorite—that'd be like picking a favorite child. But since all parents probably have a favorite child anyway, I'll just do it: getting ready for my wedding may have been one of the best parts of the entire day.

I decided to do things Pinterest style and get my girls robes to get ready in. But if you're wondering if we are always sitting in a Pinterest wedding pin, the answer is no.

You see, our photographer only came to the wedding venue (i.e., he didn't come to the hotel where my bridesmaids and I had spent the night before and had our hair and makeup done the morning of). Actually, a few hours before these pictures were taken, I was sitting on the ground of a La Quinta suite, eating a steak sandwich from Panera surrounded by the remnants of a six-girl sleepover.

But since I didn't ask our photographer to come to the La Quinta, he didn't capture that—or our amazing hair stylist and makeup artist transforming us from regular mortals to, well, what you see here. Instead, he only got shots of us fully made-up in the Liriodendron mansion dressing room, hanging out in robes looking like we owned the place.

I'm not upset about that, though, and I'm sure my bridesmaids weren't either. (No one really needs a picture of them eating Panera takeout on a La Quinta floor anyway.)

Speaking of my bridesmaids, I actually didn't hire models from Brides magazine. My friends really are just that pretty. The three blondes are my best friends from high school (Erika, Hannah, and Andrea), and the other two are my sister/maid of honor (Sam) and my best friend from college (Steph). We make a great group because we were able to get 80% of a good picture together, 100% of the time.

Actually, I take that back—we were able to get a few pictures where none of us were blinking or appearing to have a seizure. It only really happened when we were drinking something, though.

The big thing about getting ready in the Liriodendron was that the guys (including Derrick) were also getting ready in the other room. This was a "big thing" because Derrick was adamant about the fact that the first time he saw me would be when I walked down the aisle—which meant no first look, no passing each other on the way to the bathroom, no nothing.

This wasn't a huge deal, but it did become a little inconvenient when I wanted to take pensive photos of me in another room (like the ones below) since I couldn't walk from room to room without sending someone out ahead to survey the hall.

You will all be glad to know that Derrick's wish was granted, though, and the first time he saw me that day was when I was walking down the aisle towards him. Which was great, of course, except that I really wish he could have seen exactly what went into me looking the way I did.

Aside from having some extremely talented women do my hair and makeup, getting dressed in itself was quite the ordeal (at least for someone who spends 95% of the time in yoga pants).

The real MVP of the day, though, was actually Sam. You see, the lady at the bridal boutique told us that in order to button the approximately 485 million little jewel buttons on my back, we would need a crochet hook—just like the one we all forgot to bring to the wedding venue.

Sam and her feisty little fingers saved the day, though, and managed all 485 million little jewel buttons sans crochet hook.

In all honesty, the only part of getting ready that I wasn't too thrilled about was the waiting. We were ready at least 30 minutes before the ceremony began, which was mostly spent continuing to spy on our guests from the upstairs window.

That being said, looking back on it now, I would love to relive every single one of those 30 minutes, drinking Moscato from a plastic cup in a mansion with my best friends. I was nervous to get down the aisle in one piece (and then, you know, marry the love of my life), so I was anxious for the waiting to be over at the time. But now, with my friends back home, scattered across the country, I realize how special it was to have them all in one room with me.

But I guess you live and you learn. Plus, I would get to enjoy plenty of time with my friends anxiety-free later in the night.

But that, my friends, is for another post.


And now comes the part where I link to all of the lovely things you see here, in case you want these things too.

Photography by Patrick McGuire. || Makeup by Beauty by Anna. || Hair by Natalie Curry. || Flowers from Flowers by Katarina. || Dress from here. (This is the dress.) || Shoes found here. || Earrings found here. || Robes found here.