September 28, 2016

Preparing for the Wedding: Wedding Website, Programs, and Other Newfangled Stuff

Before I begin my recap extravaganza, I'm just going to put it out there: I made a pinnable wedding graphic for this. And not just a pinnable wedding graphic—a pinnable wedding graphic, if you know what I mean. Garden greenery and everything.

Which, okay, is ridiculous and cheesy and cliché and what's next, am I going to wrap everything up in lace and burlap? Believe me, I know. But, guys, I'm a blogger and I got married. Work with me here.

Anyway, now that that's out of the way, let's get on with this.

So the first thing you need to know about Derrick and my engagement is that most of it was spent doing things other than wedding planning.

Now, I know that everyone is Busy with a capital B, but April 2015 through September 2016 (when we got married) was particularly busy for me and Derrick. You see, when Derrick and I got engaged, he was living in Florida while I lived a short 1,020 miles up the road in Washington, DC. So in late summer of 2015, I decided to uproot essentially my entire life and move to Florida, where I had no job, no friends—pretty much no life outside of Derrick and his family.

If you've ever done any sort of life upheaval before, you know that it can take a while. And it did. During this time, Derrick was also going through his own mini-upheaval, as he took ownership of a franchise and officially became self-employed.

Basically, we had a lot going on, which kept us from freaking out too much about making sure every detail of our wedding was planned, primped, and perfect. (The three P's that can turn any loving couple into Bridezilla and a groom-shaped splat on her shoe.)

Of course, we didn't forget the details—we just didn't properly agonize over them as much as I would've liked. This post, however, is about some of the small, seemingly insignificant details that Derrick and I were able to at least somewhat agonize over the months leading up to September 10th.

The Website
This, of course, was my responsibility—and one I took very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that I spent $12 buying my own custom domain name. (Cleverly chosen to be

My favorite part of the website is the home page, specifically the little Nicole and Derrick cartoons that I got from Creative Market and Photoshopped to be blonde, just like us.

I know this sounds like unnecessary detail-agonizing but in my defense, websites are sort of my thing. I mean, I'm blogging on a website about a website. I like this stuff.

The Program
Other than Derrick, our wedding programs may have been my favorite part of our wedding. I designed these on Photoshop and had them printed as 8.5" x 11" tri-fold brochures from Vistaprint.

Notice that cartoon Derrick and Nicole made another appearance on the front, only this time, their eyes coordinate with our actual eye colors, and Derrick's hair reflects the 3 months he spent coaching in the Florida summer sun. Because I am very laid back and don't care about details at all.

The inside was filled with all of the useful information you'd typically find in a wedding program, including a picture of Penelope. (The inside obviously didn't have obnoxious censor boxes all over the most important information, but for the sake of doing the bare minimum in terms of deterring internet creeps from stalking my family and friends, here we are.)

The back, which I was originally going to leave blank, was Derrick's idea. He later almost retracted this idea, fearing that people "wouldn't think we weren't taking this seriously." But by that time, I was already too far gone.

Some people might look at this program and think that we indeed were not taking this wedding seriously. But then again, if anyone knows how seriously I take Chipotle and brunch, I really don't think our seriousness would be called into question.

The Snapchat Geofilter
This bad boy was a last second addition but really ended up stealing the show.

I decided to design this filter after reading this post by Emelia. It turns out that Snapchat geofilters are a pretty trendy thing to have these days, though. (And, if my pinnable graphic up there can be trusted, "trendy" is my middle name.)

The hashtag
Last but not least, my pride and joy: our hashtag. I came up with this about three days after we got engaged, because how in the world could I be expected to plan something of this magnitude without some way to document my every move on social media? That's the point of a wedding, after all.

I printed these little signs out and placed them all around the reception because I AM VERY LAID BACK AND DON'T SWEAT THE DETAILS AT ALL.

And with that, I think it's time to wrap this post up. But don't worry—this is just the beginning. Next time, I will recap how I selected the precise shade of scarlet I painted my toenails for the big day.

Just kidding.

Or am I?