September 14, 2015

Things You Shouldn't Apologize For

I've heard that dog people are the best people.

And I get it: dog people do seem really cool. They seem laid back, like they don't mind dog tongues to their faces or dog hair on their pillowcases. They seem chill and outgoing and would probably never, ever order wine at a sports bar. Basically, they seem like the type of person I wish I could be.

But I'm not. I don't like beer, I'm awkward and shy, and I'm about as laid back as the Jack Russell puppy that Derrick and I have been dog-sitting for the past two weeks.

And I definitely don't think I'm a dog person.

I mean, I like the idea of dogs. Actually, before the past two weeks, I spent months sending Derrick pictures of pug puppies hoping it'd convince him to open our home to one. (Or seven.) I like the idea of little pug pups licking your toes, or an old lab cuddling up next to you on the couch.

But it turns out that owning a dog isn't actually like that. There's the occasional toe lick, sure, and sometimes they do calm down and snuggle.

But a lot of the time, they're just bat shit crazy.

They go nuts when the doorbell rings or the cat moves or their squeaky red bone looks at them funny or absolutely no reason at all. They get hair on my clothes and my towels and places that just confuse me. Their poop is smelly, they wake up early, and sometimes the puppy "goes" inside because, well, she's a puppy. Basically, they're more annoying than their toe-licking is pleasing.

Now, it's possible that I just feel this way because these dogs aren't my dogs. Maybe if I had my own (seven) pug pups, I'd take the smells and the yells and the chewed up flip-flops because they are my fur children.

Or maybe I'm just a cat person who likes wine.

But you know what? I'm not really ashamed of it. I mean, if we were all dog people, who would the cats ignore?

So this post is just for all you cat people out there: there's no reason to hide it and there's no reason to apologize for it. And while we're at it, here are a few other things you don't need to apologize for:

Not liking coffee. Even if it's spiced like a pumpkin, and even if it's trending.

Shopping at Forever 21. As long as those crop tops know their place, there's no shame in frugality.

Listening to country music. Or techno. Or top 40. There are some people whose opinions you should care about. Those who knock your music aren't those people.

Not traveling the world in your twenties. If you want to spend your twenties backpacking around the world, that's awesome. If you want to spend your twenties building a career, that's awesome too... no matter what that twenty-something EliteDaily blogger thinks.

Spending your money on decorative spoons. The nice thing about your bank account is that your name is on it. So if you really want some spoons? You own those spoons because you earned them.

Eating Paleo. Or vegan. Or Chocolatarian. As long as you're not vandalizing ice cream trucks or spitting in my tacos, your body is yours to treat however you choose, even if questionably qualified online strangers disagree.

Not getting married in your twenties. Or getting married in your twenties. Because like a lot of things, the only way you're not doing it right is if you're only doing it to be "doing it right."