September 04, 2015

Call Me a Snob, But...

Last week, Derrick and I went out with his cousin and her husband for dinner. They are about the same age as Derrick and me, and also have moved around the country quite a bit since college. While we were trading stories about the places we had lived, obviously Chicago came up.

And just like we do whenever Derrick and I talk about the time we spent living in Chicago, we mentioned two things: the winter and the brunch.

Now, normally the first time I meet someone, I try to tone down how much I was into our Chicago Sunday ritual. Because starting a potential friendship with "I used to roam around Chicago taking pictures of Bloody Marys and reviewing them on my mostly irrelevant blog" right off the bat can make me come off as a bit... passionate.

And by that, I mean weird.

But it turns out that Derrick's cousin and her husband are really cool, so I decided to just go for it. I mean, if this couple friendship is going to happen, they were going to find out eventually because I was hoping to reestablish my brunch reviews here in Florida once things got settled.

And luckily, they didn't seem to think I was a nut. I basically took this as a green light; I was pumped to start reviewing. Actually, that very weekend, Derrick and I tried our first brunch spot since I've moved, The Survey Cafe. And before we even looked at the menu, I thought this was going to be a slam dunk. I mean, look at it:

So quaint, So original. So not IHOP. 

Derrick and I did the usual, me looking for the perfect picture while Derrick looked around for a waitress carrying his eggs. Unfortunately, our eggs coming out is where this review ends. Because I cannot, in good faith, write a positive review on Egg Beaters.

(I know that I sound like a big ol' breakfast snob but after you spend over a year in Chicago being served things like this:

Egg Beaters? C'mon.)

After this experience, I decided to call an emergency meeting with the staff at Just the Elevator Pitch to discuss how we were going to move forward. The meeting was short because it was decided almost immediately that we should have a backup plan in case the Florida brunch scene was all Egg Beaters and cold-ish potatoes. It was also short because there is no staff.

Anyway, the point of this post isn't to dis Florida's breakfasts, or even Egg Beaters in general. I mean, the Florida brunch scene might have a lot to offer if I just have some patience. Heck, maybe this post would have been different if I had just ordered French Toast instead of the BLT egg biscuit.

No, this all is actually an incredibly long-winded introduction to the new "series" I am going to be launching ASAP: Taco Tuesdays. Because while the Florida brunch scene remains questionable at best, I know that Florida can do tacos. And I'm not talking about those crispy shell, ground beef, midnight Taco Bell tacos. I mean the al pastor tacos with homemade soft corn tortillas and fresh cilantro.

Derrick and I have always enjoyed a good taco together but ever since I found this list, we've been on a mission. The goal? To find the absolute best tacos in Southwest Florida. Right now, we're averaging about two taco dinners a week.

And what better way to document this hunt than on the blog? I plan on making a graphic for the posts and everything.

Anyway, in case you're just skimming this post until you find my actual point, here it is: I like tacos a lot, and I plan to talk a lot about them on my blog in the future.

Also, no to the Egg Beaters.

Happy Friday!