August 28, 2015

What My Life Really Looks Like

You know how when one thing in your life changes, you decide you want to change everything? No?Just me?

Like, now I'm a Floridian working from home, so I decided I'm also going to be a grown-ass adult who cooks things other than oatmeal and can do a pull-up and takes care of my eyebrows. So I dive right in, going to Publix to pick up a whole chicken, giblets and all, start doing CrossFit during the week, and go to a salon for the first time in six months.

Which is good for a few reasons: my eyebrows are no longer a scene in "Finding Bigfoot" and I'm eating things that aren't microwavable. Also, I should really have a ton of great blog content, because all of those things I'm doing are totally blog-able.

(Except the giblets. Giblets in a bag and particularly un-bagged giblets are really misleading. Giblets sounds like such a fun word, you know? Like, not a word you'd use for pulling a chicken liver out of a chicken's butt.)

But the sad truth is none of this stuff has turned into pretty blog material yet. I don't have rosemary crusted chicken or extreme CrossFit action shots yet because, well, most of my time has actually been spent getting lost on the way to Publix or literally hitting myself in the head with a kettlebell at the CrossFit "box."

Or, you know, pulling a chicken's liver out of its butt.

I thought about waiting until I've settled into being this blog-worthy person taking blog-worthy pictures of the blog-worthy life I'm dreaming of. (I even asked Derrick if he'd go to a free butterfly tour with me this weekend. Because how much blogger can you get than butterflies?)

But I'm beginning to worry that I'm never going to be blog-worthy, or at least worthy of the kind of blog I'm imagining. The blog that always has the perfectly lit recipe pictures or the daily workout routines. 

Maybe one day, but not today. 

So instead, I walked around the other evening and took completely unstaged pictures of how my life really looks at the moment. Maybe one day I'll look back on these as the "before" pictures, before I became a lifestyle blog guru with huge guns.

Or at very least, maybe one day I'll have unpacked one of the boxes still in my living room.

Happy Friday.
Be back next week with some homemade chicken soup and red wine. Or maybe just the wine.
Yeah, probably just the wine.