August 21, 2015

Three Reasons You're Probably Wasting Your Life

As I was sitting comfortably in my comfort zone (i.e., at our apartment complex's pool) last weekend, I came across this article on Twitter that caught my attention: 6 Reasons Why Not Quitting Your Job To Travel Is A Waste Of Your Life.

I don't know about you, but I have a thing for articles like this. I mean, Facebook does a fine job of subtly pointing out my life's inadequacies but sometimes I just like someone coming right out and telling me why I'm not living my life correctly. You know, not just passively-aggressively posting gym selfies for me to try interpreting.

Which is why I love articles like this. No guesswork, just straight to the point reasons why I'm wasting my life and what secrets Gigi keeps up there in her top knot on how to do better. How to live my life better.

It's a great read and if you have time, I recommend that you read the whole article for yourself. But if not, I'll just run down a few of the points from the article that I found especially helpful in convincing me that my life up until this point has been a waste. 

1. You have to test your limits to know your limits.
I think that this is an especially good point: you cannot know how far you can push without quitting your job because "if you stay chained to your desk, you'll never really be aware of how strong you actually are." (To quote Gigi directly.) Forget that nonsense that you might be able to test your limits by going back to school, or running a marathon, or taking on a larger role in your career. There is only one way to push yourself and if you think you can keep your job while you do it, you're on the road to chains and weakness.

2. A full life is one that is packed with memories.
This point really hit me hard: "If you stay in your cubicle, you’ll be missing out on every experience you could have had." And it's true: how will you be able to enjoy a night out with friends or buy a concert ticket or take a vacation with an office job? No one's ever made a decent memory from that cot in their cubicle that office workers are forced to spend their evenings and weekends on.

3. This is the only time in your life when you CAN travel.
This particular one was my favorite because it's just so true. I mean, have you ever once seen a middle-aged person anywhere but in their living room? I mean, do they even let old people on airplanes? It's just such an important lesson that our generation really needs to learn: don't waste your twenties saving money because once you're 35, there's nothing fulfilling you'll be able to spend it on anyway.

There are three more points in the article that I didn't mention but frankly, I think even these three should be enough to understand her point.

I know that before this article, I had always thought that a wasted life was one spent not doing what makes you happy. Which I guess isn't totally off base, as long as what makes you happy is not having a job and travelling.

Now, I feel kind of like an a-hole only giving Gigi credit for these life-changing realizations when really, the internet is packed with valuable resources on what you're doing wrong and how to do it better. Really, you can learn how to correct almost any aspect of your life, from your diet to your parenting to your marriage.

Because there's literally nothing you can't be failing at, if you surf the web long enough. And we can only thank the Gigis of the world for telling us how to stop wasting our lives, and what to be doing instead.

And also Sigmund Freud; he's got good advice too.