August 10, 2015

I'm Home

Approximately 1,000 miles, six pieces of Cracker Barrel bacon, five too many handfuls of gas station almonds, one Amp energy drink, and a livid game of twenty question later, my beautiful Roxanne (i.e., my red Mustang convertible) is once again a resident of the sunshine state.

We pulled into Derrick's driveway at 7 PM on Friday and after sixteen hours of driving over two days, I felt like a huge glub. We briefly talked about getting ourselves together enough to be seen by someone other than Linda at the South Carolina exit 5 Cracker Barrel but, as glubs often do, we decided to make dinner at home instead.

So my first stop in Florida was God's gift to grocery stores, Publix. It's hard to say exactly what it is about Publix that makes it so superior to other grocery stores but stepping into their produce section is like a five-year-old stepping into Santa's Workshop at the food court. Overwhelming and slightly mystifying, I had a hard time not peeing my pants.

I didn't pee my pants though, not next to Publix's potatoes, not when I was chopping up tomatoes an hour later, not even when I was sitting in front of a glass of red wine and a porkchop the size of my head.

The rest of Friday night was spent watching the end of the Yankees game and flipping through the Southern Living wedding planner my mom kindly gifted us. (I'll let you guess who decided on which activity.)

And the rest of the weekend, it has been a bit of a blur, from setting up my home work station (and unfortunately already putting it to some use), to Instagramming our incredibly Instagram-worthy community pool, to playing my first indoor soccer game in 13 years with Derrick's team, Slytherin.

By Sunday evening, I was tired, kind of overwhelmed, and joyous in the fact that I had made the right decision by running cross country in high school during soccer season. It's going to take a while to get my head around the fact that I won't have to text Derrick goodnight anymore and I can't run after 8:30 AM if breathing on my run is important to me. (The humidity here makes an afternoon run turn into an afternoon swim.)

But so far so good. I feel such a mix of emotions right now, both good and bad. But I can honestly say that this feels like the start of something great, South Florida humidity and all. 

As long as I bring some water on my runs, that is.