July 27, 2015

The Comeback Post

One night last month, I decided to take a few days off from blogging. That led to a few weeks, which led to a whole month, which then led to me making my blog private for a bit so no one could even see it (much to my mom's confusion).

It was the ultimate Irish exit, something I've spent years and countless college parties perfecting.

But just like in college, I knew I'd eventually have to face everyone again the next morning. And I also knew I better have a good story to show for my abrupt and unannounced departure.

In college, I had something legitimate about half of the time. (The other half of the time, the party had just stopped being more appealing than my bed.) Luckily, though, this time I've actually got something good. Because while I was away, I was rearranging things.

Specifically, my entire life.

You see, a few months ago, Derrick asked me to marry him. He flew up from South Florida to surprise me, and it was wonderful, and we held hands, and we spent the whole weekend saying things like "good morning, fiance" and "could you pass the salt, fiance?" and were just generally and obnoxiously giddy.

But you probably spotted a problem with that story: just like Derrick flew up from South Florida to surprise me, he also had to fly back down to South Florida once the weekend was over.

Now, long distance relationships can work but long distance marriages? Especially if you plan on having kids, they're not exactly feasible unless you can arrange some  sort of Parent Trap setup.

I'm not about to open my life up to 12-year-old Lindsay Lohan so while I was away, I was basically re-planning my future. Specifically, I decided I was going to move to Florida, quit my job, un-quit my job, and then hire a mover.

To make a long story short, when I told my boss that I was moving to a state where our firm doesn't have an office, I went from gloomily resigning (it is a dream job, after all) to discussing invoice templates with HR in my preparation for becoming a contractor working for them from my (soon to be Floridian) home office. So when my lease is up this month, all my stuff will be packed up and shipped to Southwest Florida, where I will be living with my fiance, addressing him as such when I need the salt, and thanking God that my mom is an accountant so she can help me figure out taxes for the self-employed. I also dabbled in some intense and overwhelming anxiety, rounding off what has been one hell of a couple months.

So that's my story, which I hope you will accept so that I can get back on the blogger train and stop offending people with an "invite-only" blog. And if you don't like that story, I also re-designed the place while I wasn't writing.

And if even the new design doesn't sway you to forgive me, here's a picture of where I'll be living soon. I know this probably won't help my case but if the lime green didn't do it, well, I think it's a lost cause anyway.