June 08, 2015

The Stuff No One Knows About

In my opinion, one of the biggest differences between being a teenager and an adult is that as an adult, you realize that everyone has their "stuff." That you're not the only misunderstood victim to buy a Taking Back Sunday CD.

Some people have problems with their family. Some people have problems with their past. Some people have problems with drugs, some have problems with money, and some have problems with themselves.

We've all got stuff. Even if you grew up living Britney Spears's life, you'd still have that period where you'd shaved your head.

And whether it's right or it's wrong, most people spend a lot of energy hiding their stuff from the world. Because even though we all have our stuff, we're afraid that if other people know about our stuff, they won't want to be around us anymore.

Which can be true sometimes; some people don't want to deal with your stuff. Or maybe even worse, some people might want to belittle your stuff or judge you for your stuff (which is usually more a reflection of their stuff than yours, but it still hurts anyway).

But if you're lucky enough to find someone with whom you want to risk sharing your stuff, then you're lucky enough. If your stuff makes you want to run away and hide from the internet and the real world, but you're fortunate enough to find someone who will bring you back out, then you're fortunate enough.

Having stuff can really suck, but the feeling of knowing someone else sees your stuff and is still there for you anyway almost makes the stuff worth it.

So cheers to our stuff, giving Taylor Swift and long distance fiance bloggers everywhere daily artistic content.