May 22, 2015

Dealing with Rejection

They've always told me to not take rejection personally. They told me that every great artist and novelist and musician and trapeze artist and Michael Jordan was rejected 999 times before attempt one thousand, when they made it big.

And I've always told them to can it.

I tell "them" to can it just like when I tell them to can it when they say power down half an hour before bed and to eat organic apples. I mean, I know it's all good for me but frankly, half an hour before bed is the only time I have for Pinteresting, organic apples are twice as expensive (and half as big), and rejection is personal to me.

Take the above chart for example. I made this chart after finding an awesome website called 99 designs, where designers are matched with design-seekers who need them. Only the site is more than just a lamer version of Tinder; design-seekers come to 99 designs and create "contests" for designers (e.g., "design me a new logo" or "redesign this flow chart about ads"). And better still, the winner of the contest gets a prize.

A cash prize.

It's spectacular because farting around on Photoshop is what I already do in my free time, no prize necessary.

However, what I didn't take into consideration when I entered my first contest was that I might not (actually, would likely not) win the $200 prize. And indeed, a day after submitting the flow chart you see above, 99 designs alerted me by email that my design had been eliminated.

That's what the email said, at least; I read it as I, Nicole, personally had been eliminated, and both I and my sucky green and blue flow chart with stupid 1998 graphics were deemed inferior and generally unworthy of existence, let alone cash prizes and joy.

Basically, exactly what "they" told me not to think when I don't immediately succeed.

But screw them and their organic fruit. What do they know about Tinder anyway?

**I just wanted to note that no compensation or cash prizes were received for this post, although I think that goes without saying.**