May 04, 2015

Are My Wedding Colors Ugly?

This weekend, I was hauling @ss at being an appropriate blogger.

You see, my sister was here for the weekend and we did all sorts of "blogworthy" things. On Saturday, we spent the whole day in Georgetown. In other words, we spent all day in the backdrop of every other fashion pin on Pinterest.

And we didn't just sit around in Georgetown either; we did all sorts of incredibly, almost embarrassingly blogworthy activities. We ate crepes on the patio of a quaint little cafe near the water. We looked at menus hanging outside expensive restaurants, and argued about how to pronounce "gyro." We walked into overpriced but unfortunately irresistible little shops.

Hell, I bought a birthday card for more than $4.00. It was just so cute, so witty, so "bloggy"... and so unnecessary. But that's what we bloggers live for!

And then on Sunday, we got brunch, and I ordered little baby biscuits with pepper jelly. Pepper jelly, for crying out loud. It was a blogger's dream!

But I didn't take a single picture.

No, it wasn't that I didn't take any "good" pictures. I literally just did not think to pull out my camera one single time. So much opportunity missed, so much blogger credit down the drain.

So I decided to try and redeem myself by making the wedding inspiration board above, with all of the things that I want to incorporate into my dream wedding. So far, it consists of three things:

1. The color scheme of grey and yellow. I saw this on Pinerest and immediately loved it. It spoke to me, as a more deserving blogger might say.

2. Tacos. The dream would be to have Taco Joint in Chicago cater my wedding, but as we aren't getting married in Chicago... this probably won't happen. Any good tacos will do though, so long as there is guac and cilantro.

3. A food truck at 10 pm. Again, my ultimate dream scenario is to have 5411 Empanadas come refill our love-and-wine drunk, dancing tanks, but I don't think I can afford to have them deliver cross-country. So again, any sort of food truck after a few hours of toasting, bouquet-tossing, and dancing will do.

The thing is, when I told my sister about these three requirements, she thought I was ridiculous. She also said that if I make my bridesmaids wear yellow shoes, she will happily do it because it's my day and she loves me dearly... but that she will throw them away immediately after the wedding.

In other words, she's not a fan of the yellow and grey.

So, blogging community, in an effort to be as "blogger" as possible, I'm going to include some questions at the end of my post for you to answer:

1. Are my wedding colors ugly, and I just don't know it?
2. Would you appreciate a wedding reception with a taco bar?