April 11, 2015

The Great Unprofessional Career Fair:
Lindsay the Registered Dietitian

Way back when I didn't realize that there was a whole blogging world, the Lean Green Bean was the only blog I read. Lindsay, the Registered Dietitian who is the voice of the Bean, always came up with the most delicious looking yet simple health foods. (Which was something this scrambled egg connoisseur really appreciated.)

Now, three years later, I read a lot more blogs... but Lindsay's is still one I look forward to. And it's not just because of her delicious food anymore; she and her husband recently had their first son, who is just as sweet as any of her carrot cakes. (Not as corny as that joke though.)

Lindsay has a lot to juggle as a working mother, which is why I thought hearing about her career as an RD/new momma would be especially interesting. So without further ado, I present to you the leanest of green beans: Lindsay the Registered Dietitian.

Lindsay: No day is typical. I work 15 hours a week for another RD that lives in Georgia. I'm her nutrition communications manager so I'm in charge of social media, I run blogger campaigns for one of her sites - Healthy Aperture, I develop newsletters, toolkits, etc for clients. With the other half of my time I run my own blog where I post recipes, nutrition info, sponsored posts, etc. And in between all that I'm a stay and home mom to my 4 month old little boy! My days are a mix of client work, blogging, recipe testing and baby life.

L: I was teaching preschool and noticed how many kids in my class were already overweight. I wanted to be able to do something to help them.

L: Going back to school. I already had a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. I had to pretty much start over, take all sorts of science and math classes, get matched to an internship, etc. It took 4 years but it was worth it!

L: I truly love it. Every day is different, I'm living my dream and I know I'm impacting people in a positive way!

L: I work from home...and I do a lot of different things. Time management and balancing work/family time is challenging at times.

L: Go for it! Network all the time. If there's not a job out there that you want, make your own!


If you have any questions for Lindsay, leave her a comment. Or even better, go poke around her awesome blog!

And of course, if you want to be featured in the The Great Unprofessional Career Fair, read what it's all about here and let me know!