April 29, 2015

Nine Things You Don't Realize Until You're Engaged

I've been engaged for five days now.

That's five whole days I've had to realize how little I knew about being engaged. Because it turns out that being engaged is nothing like Pinterest would have you believe. (At least not if you're the casual Pinterest-er like I was, who only stumbled across wedding pins when they popped up on the "Popular" board.)

Don't get me wrong: being engaged is actually fantastic. Looking at my hand has never caused me so much happiness before in my life.

But I also want to warn all of the future-fiances out there of a few things that I didn't realize before Derrick dropped the bomb. Specifically, here are nine things I never considered before I got engaged.

1. Hand washing anxiety is real. I am a compulsive hand washer. I'm talking 10-15 times a day, easily. And that means 10-15 times a day when I do the whole "Do I take it off? Do I leave it on?" dance, which ultimately ends with the 35 most anxiety-filled seconds ever to be associated with SoftSoap.

2. That people will expect you to, you know, actually be planning a wedding. I'm not sure if any recent fiances know within 12 hours when their wedding date will be, but I'm still trying to figure out the logistics of being engaged to someone who lives, literally, a thousand miles away.

3. Centerpieces aren't free. Before, shabby-chic, rustic Pinterest centerpieces were nothing but peonies in a Mason jar. But when you're faced with the reality that you will soon have actual table centers for peonifying... all you see is dollar bills.

4. Coming up with an appropriate but not too sappy social media announcement is hard. I think we nailed the not-sappy bit, but the jury's still out on whether it was appropriate.

5. Your grandma uses Twitter. When I talked to my grandmother on the phone post-engagement, she was not amused that everyone on Twitter knew before I told her. How she knows what people on Twitter know, I'm still not sure.

6. On that note, you should tell your people before you tell the medias. Regardless of my grandmother's social media usage, in hindsight, I should have told everyone in my family before I posted something online. Future fiances, don't make my mistake.

7. Wrap a rubber band around your ring if it's too big. Derrick was very opposed to the thought of us picking out a ring together, which meant that he had to guess my ring size. And he guessed wrong. Although we were able to get it resized the next day, his aunt revealed one of the most ingenious life hacks of our time: wrap a rubber band around the ring in the meantime to keep it from sliding off.

8. Eloping will become a lot more enticing. One hour on theknot.com was enough to make me realize the enormity of what I'm about to try to do. So I asked Derrick if we could elope. He wasn't thrilled.

9. How many wonderful people you have in your life. The aftermath of the proposal was almost as good as the proposal itself; the amount of love I felt from my friends, family, and blog readers just blew me away. Too bad I like Derrick so much... otherwise, I might consider making this whole engagement thing an annual event.

Thank you all for all of the nice comments you left on my post Monday.
Honestly, it meant a lot to me that so many of you took time to post something. I really appreciate each one of you!