April 02, 2015

Life Lately as Told by Emojis

So March happened.

To be honest, March 2015 wasn't the best for me. I'm not really a huge fan of Marches in general but this March was just particularly unhelpful.

But instead of recapping the month day by day, I'm going to let my emojis do the talking. Because is there really any better indicator of what's going on in your life than your "recently used" emojis? It's like a barometer for your soul.

(Plus, it seemed like a good idea last time.)

In a span of less than a week, a cardiologist made me wear a heart monitor for 24 showerless hours and a dentist told me that I need to get my wisdom teeth removed. Dang it, body, couldn't you at least space 'em out?

As a result of the aforementioned heart monitor and impending surgery, I texted my mom a lot this month. And if you have a texting mother, you might know that their seasonally-appropriate emoji usage is seriously on point. Or maybe it's just my mom.

Regardless, texting her requires a lot of graphics but to be honest, I usually still can't really keep up.

Derrick is a wonderful, loving, loyal, honest, kind man, but the thing I might love most about him is that he does things like randomly send me Pokemon cards in the mail "just because."

Not only does he accept that I am the type of person who will be endlessly amused with a Squirtle in my purse, but he embraces the fact.

I was only in the lead of my family's March Madness bracket pool briefly, but I can guarantee that everyone was alerted.

My friend texted me some horrifying but kinda juicy news at 3 AM on April 1. Turns out, it was all an April Fool's joke. My apartment complex manager later told me that they're raising my rent. He wasn't joking.

So March kinda sucked but you know what? It's over now. And I've gotta be hopeful that April will bring a change for the better.

Because good lord, if I get poked with a doctor's needle one more time, I'm going to lose it.