April 08, 2015

Lies I Tell Myself

Last month, something very typical happened on my blog: someone commented on a blog post with a better idea than the original post.

In this case, Sara Beth commented that she would "really appreciate this quote in the form of a motivational poster in a future post." ("This quote" being a quote from my original post, specifically, "There's no place in this world for color and joy.")

Now, there are two types of people in this world: those who would appreciate that quote on a motivational poster, and those who are scratching their heads right now because they don't get it. I personally am the first type, the type who appreciates slightly morose irony. So I thought this was a great idea and I promised that it would be done.

Well, it was not done.

At least not until now, that is. Which is weird because I hardly ever break a promise I make to someone else. I mean, lying's just not a cool thing to do.

A promise to myself, however? Well, I break those all the time. Let's look at the past two months, for example...

Mission statement's coming in May. This time, for real, guys.