April 09, 2015

I Am the Kind of Kid Who...

My grandmother is a seventy-something Colorado-ian farmer who lives alone on (literally) the side of a mountain.

Well, not completely alone: she has two horses, a few chickens, and some dozen cats who've wandered down from her mountain, where their heartless numnut of a former owner left them.

My grandma lives mostly off her land, meaning that her garden is pretty large. It's not as large as her vineyard though, which spans a good deal of her 14 acre property. And she takes care of everything on that 14 acres mostly on her own. In fact, the last time Derrick and I went out to visit her, she was skeptical when Derrick offered to change her tire for her; why in the world would he do it when she was perfectly capable of doing it herself, after all?

Because my grandma is quite capable of taking care of her 14 acres, two horses, several chickens, and a dozen or so cats. But even so, she decided to "scale back" last year by cutting her vineyard nearly in half.

And if you ask her why, she'd tell you, "Because when I get old, I'm not going to be able to take care of a whole vineyard."

As a 24-year-old, I think that 35 is "old"; seventy-something is about as grown up as one gets. But I actually understand my grandmother's mindset. You see, when you asked seven-year-old Nicole what she wanted to be when she grew up, you were basically asking her what she wanted to do once she was done being a kid. You know, when she was 24.

But the thing is, I am 24 but I certainly don't feel like a "grown up." Most of the time, like when I stop at ABC Family because Finding Nemo is on, I still feel just as much like a kid as I ever have.

Today, one of my favorite bloggers Taylor is hosting a link-up called "I Was the Kind of Kid Who..." The point of the link-up is to get all of her fellow bloggers to talk about why type of kids they were and post a few embarrassing pictures.

But I'm not sure what to say because I can't really use the past tense here. Because I am the kid who still gets emotional when Nemo finds his dad. I am the kid who still laughs at a good fart joke. I am the kid who does a good job of pretending all day, but still needs my mom when I'm sad or hurt.

I kinda want to believe that's how everyone feels; that we're all just winging it for the most part, but secretly would rather be eating Fruit by the Foot, watching a Pixar movie.

Or maybe it is just me.

Either way, I know this isn't the point of the link-up but this is what I've got anyway; I can't talk about what kind of kid I was until I stop being one.

I guess I'll have to get back to you when I'm old.