April 15, 2015

And Then I Ripped My Face Off

If you know me, you know that I'm an "all or nothing type of person." So really, this story shouldn't be so surprising; I mean, between the random heart monitor incident and the holes in the back of my gums, did you really think I'd stop with the absurd health complications before I reached the trifecta?

Of course not.

Which is how we got to Sunday morning, me eating a bowl of oatmeal having just returned from Walgreen's to buy some Polysporin and aloe.

The natural question is obviously why was I buying Polysporin and aloe on a Sunday morning? And the answer is simple: Because that's what one does when one has shiny, red wounds on one's face. (That, and freak out a bit.)

To give you some background on this story: about a month ago, my skin had been breaking out a lot worse than usual. Maybe it was stress, maybe it was the stress-induced chocolate, I didn't know... so I scheduled an appointment with my dermatologist.

A week later, the dermatologist looked at my face and said, "Yes, that is acne," and prescribed me some acne medicine. Before I left, he warned me that the meds would make me more sensitive to the sun, so wear sunscreen.

What he didn't mention though was that my skin would also be much more prone to being, you know, ripped off. (Which I guess is something I should have thought of myself but hey... there are only so many health issues I can worry about at once.)

So when I sat down to get my eyebrows waxed for probably the 104th time in my life Saturday morning, I didn't think much of it. And when I left the salon with red skin above my eyes, I thought, "Well, the wax must have been sort of hot."

When I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror at the mall a few hours later to find that my eyelids were obscured by the swollen lumps of what was once eyebrow on top of them, I thought, "Well, that wax must have been really hot."

But when I woke up Sunday morning and saw a lady with two raw, red, open wounds below her eyebrows looking back at me... Well, then I freaked out a bit. And then I subsequently went online to read about other gals who were freaking out about the same thing: their extra sensitive, acne-medicated skin being ripped off by wax.

So anyway, there's no point to this post besides to tell you that if you are using any sort of acne medication, Google before you wax. It could save you a Sunday morning trip to Walgreen's.

Also, if anyone has a more legit story to tell people when they ask about my eye situation, I'm all ears. My thought it a hot oil fight with the sauce chef at Carrabba's... but please, let me know if you have anything better.