March 20, 2015

What Matters

As I become more familiar with the "real world," I've found that there are two general approaches to Friday:

1) The Grinder: "It's the last day of serious stuff doing, so let's get serious;" and
2) The Floater: "Finally, the Saturday preshow is here."

This Friday, I'm going to take a little bit of both approaches. I'm going to crunch a few facts and figures for the Grinders out there, but keep it sappy and happy for the Floaters.

I'm keeping it short again today, because it's Friday. Today, I've got another list for you: the numbers and stats of what really matters.

Things that Don't Really Matter

Your number of likes on Instagram

The number on the scale

The percentage of your apartment that could be cleaned

The number of friends you have, Facebook or real-life

The number in your savings account

The percent fat of that cupcake you really want to eat

The number of minutes it takes you to run a mile

Whatever numbers are on a FitBit

The number of times you've been rejected

Any number on your resume

Things that Really Matter

The percentage of people who leave you feeling better than when they came

The percentage of people in your life who love you, even when you're unlovable

The amount of effort you gave, even when you thought there was none to give

Happy Friday.
Give it hell.