March 10, 2015

Twenty Reasons to Be Happy

Yesterday morning, the cursed Monday after the start of Daylight Saving Time, I woke up to the dismal realization that my right eye has been red for a week now and that I almost certainly have some sort of infection. This realization was followed shortly by the realization that despite it being shower time, my apartment's hot water wasn't working.

A month ago (maybe even a week ago) these unfortunate situations could have easily sent me into an inappropriately melodramatic bout of sobbing.

But when I walked into my apartment later that evening holding my latest Comcast cable bill, I did not sob. In fact, some might have called my mood "good." On the "dentist to Mexican restaurant scale," I would have even given it a 7.

Yes, that's right: WebMD told me that I was most likely going blind, the maintenance man told me that my hot water wouldn't be working for another five hours, and Comcast told me to give it more money... and yet, I was still in a good mood.

And I know for a fact that it was absolutely the result of one thing: I walked outside today and it did not hurt.

Yes, Spring may actually be springing, everyone... And if that doesn't make you happy, well, you probably don't like vanilla ice cream either.

It's funny how the simplest things can turn your mood around, and inspire you to write completely unhelpful and annoyingly optimistic lists like this one on a Monday night. But you know what? I could feel my face all day... so I'm not even sorry.

1. The act of not setting your alarm
2. The shower after a nice long run
3. When Pandora's nailing it
4. The elusive perfectly ripe avocado
5. The moment you see your food at a restaurant
6. Homemade soup
7. Taking off your pants after work
8. Turning on TBS the moment Mean Girls is starting
9. Waking up and realizing you still have five more hours to sleep
10. The first tan line of summer
11. Bread
12. Getting to the subway platform 30 seconds before the subway arrives
13. The lighting in Victoria's Secret's fitting rooms
14. Free things
15. The feeling of getting into bed
16. Someone brushing your hair
17. Salt and Vinegar anything
18. Small animals that don't bite
19. Homemade lemonade
20. A delightfully cliche and totally corny list

Happy Tuesday everyone. 
Cross your fingers March isn't playing a cruel joke.