March 09, 2015

The Perks of Having a Sister

If my parents had consulted four-year-old me before they decided to have my younger sister, Sam, I probably would have told them no, thank you actually, but we don't need her.

I mean, I could tell that my younger brother, Nathan, would be useful as an assistant veterinarian when we played "Emergency Vets" in our later years but I still wasn't quite over the fact that I had to share my mom with someone else.

Luckily though my parents had the good sense not to consider their four-year-old's opinion when deciding on my sister. So five years after I born, there was Sam.

And it's a good thing that they didn't ask me because Sam turned out to be just as strong of an asset as Nathan was. She also made an excellent assistant veterinarian when my stuffed Labrador, Pepper, needed stitches and she actually turned out to be an even better pupil than Nathan when I wanted to play school. (Nathan would sometimes refuse to take the math tests I prepared, which is really no way to act in a classroom.)

But it wasn't until recently, after both Sam and I were past our angsty teen years, that I realized the real benefits of having a sister.

Just to give you an idea, having a sister means that you always have someone who will...

...endure a questionably sober and unquestionably creepy drunk man on the train to meet you at your office after work on Friday night. as pumped about tacos as you are. And even if she isn't quite as pumped as you are about trying beef tongue tacos, she won't judge you when you order them. similarly as pumped about spending the rest of the night in pajamas watching a Denzel Washington movie. Because you could try maneuvering heels in the snow... or you could wrap yourself in a toasty blanket on the couch.

...try a new workout class with you on a Saturday morning. Even if it means talking you through the emotional upheaval that is parallel parking a Mustang in the city.

...not laugh at you when you look like an idiot trying to do a handstand in the new workout class. It could just be because she's as troubled about being flipped upside down as you are... but not being alone in that is a benefit too.

...understand the soul enriching experience that is brunch. It's important to have someone who takes food as seriously as you do.

...understand that one does not turn down a free mimosa. Even if you have no idea why they're giving you free mimosas.

...not be grossed out as you dig through the restaurant's complimentary seasoned popcorn for the most seasoned piece. Actually, she's doing the same thing.

...not be afraid she's being rude if she falls asleep on the two hour ride back to your parents'. Because you're sisters, after all; you stopped the whole manners charade the fifth time you threw down the gauntlet over a "borrowed" sports bra.