March 28, 2015

The Great Unprofessional Career Fair:
Lindsay the Copywriter/Social Content Writer

Lindsay is one of those rare "hybrid" friends of mine: she's a fellow blogger but technically, I met her first in real life. And by "met," I mean that I primarily looked at her butt as I trailed her in many a college cross country race, and was generally way too intimidated to actually talk to her (or anyone else from her team, which dominated our conference).

But now that we are "blog friends," I realize how much time I wasted fearing her and her spanx because Lindsay is one of the coolest, cleverest, and creative-est people on the internet. Which also makes it unsurprising that she has one of the coolest, cleverest, creative-est jobs: Lindsay works for an advertising agency as a copywriter/social content writer.

Don't know what that is? Well, let her tell you.

Lindsay: A typical day is anything but "typical." Since I work on a handful of different brands in completely different businesses, one day I'll be writing social posts about new recipes and another day I could be brainstorming ideas about how to shoot bras and underwear for social images. But most days I'm creating content for monthly social calendars including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

L: Like a lot of college kids, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and my parents hated that. After taking some communications classes I remember dreaming of writing headlines for billboards. If "Just Do It" just popped in your head, we're on the same page. I sought out copywriting internships at local agencies and headed a group in a real-world advertising class which sealed the deal. Look at me now, ma!

L: The biggest challenge for everyone in this field is competition. There are a lot of creatives out there--a lot of smart thinkers, writers, brainstormers all vying for the same internships and jobs. I got to the agency I'm at today by applying three times and interviewing twice--after doing three internships. It was so worth it.

L: The one thing that's kept me where I am for 2+ years is the culture. The people I work with and the creative environment we have here is incredible. Creatives are so open-minded. We don't see barriers, we see opportunities and solutions. We find ways to make things work when clients and account managers can't. Brainstorms happen all day long, too. On whiteboards, in hallways--anywhere! And after big pitches and long weekend sessions are over, we all go out for drinks because it's Wednesday afternoon. And, why not?

L: My job is rainbows compared to most, but there are downsides. Even after two years, the pace still freaks me out. Some weeks it'll be steady and manageable, then other weeks I'll work 70+ hours and my brain will be fried. It really all balances out, though, so if you're interested in the agency life don't let me scare you. There's always free food. :)

L: Advice time: If you're interested, do internships. I'll say it again: DO INTERNSHIPS. Very rarely do employers care about where you went to school or if you were president of your frat house. They want to see your work. An internship will give you that work and help beef up your portfolio so you have something to show in interviews.


So, to sum it up, both Lindsay and her job rule.

And with that, if you have any questions, leave a comment here or, better yet, go bother Lindsay directly on her blog, A RunnAroundd Life. And of course, if you want to be featured in the The Great Unprofessional Career Fair, read what it's all about here and let me know!