March 03, 2015

Men and Their Birthdays

Do you know what men really, really want for their birthdays? It's not a big screen TV, not a new manly power tool, not even a fancy new tech gadget that will help them with their every day life.

No, they want a Pinterest-inspired, remarkably girly printable. The pinker and cliche-ier the better, in fact.


Okay, I'm totally kidding; they probably would rather have the tech gadget. I know that, which is why I got Derrick a GPS for his 25th birthday next week.

But you know what? That doesn't mean I couldn't throw in something a little pink and a little girly in along there with the Garmin. Which is why I spent a good part of a snowed-in afternoon creating this:

Now that I'm back from Florida after having safely delivered the manly tech gadget and the not-so-manly (but surprisingly well received) pink print-offs, I have no fear that Derrick's sporadically blog viewing eyes might see this and ruin the surprise.

I wish I had more pictures to share of how much Derrick really did like his gift but, as usual, I forgot to take a single picture while I was visiting him. The once a month or so visits we are together are so rare and wonderful that half the time, I forget to even bring my phone with me let alone take pictures.

Which is great when I'm there but not so great when I want to blog about it later.

So you're just going to have to take my word for it: Derrick was amused by my "whine-free ESPN radio car ride" coupon and was happy with "Samantha," the American-English narrator that comes standard on a Garmin GPS.

And me? My face is slightly burned from the sun I haven't seen in months and the rest of me is incredibly lonely because it left its heart in Florida.

Long distance relationships, man; they're not all pink frosted cupcakes.