February 19, 2015

Ten Signs of Someone Who Is Truly Happy

Like most people, I've had times in my life when I've felt truly fulfilled and other times when I've, well, been caught in DC rush hour traffic. Because (despite what Elite Daily tells you) life isn't always going to be 100% satisfying 100% of the time.

I think an important part of adulting is realizing that for everyone other than the red Teletubby, it's part of life to have times when you're feeling bored, confused, or just plain sad.

The other just as important part is the ability to know when your boredom, confusion, and sadness is just a phase you need to work through, and when it means that you need to make some serious life changes. (Because the truth is that if you change jobs, get a divorce, and/or fly to the Greek islands every time you are feeling unhappy, you're eventually going to run out of careers, divorce attorney funds, and frequent flier miles.)

Sometimes you've just gotta feel the unhappiness. (Some might even say it's good to do so.) In fact, I strongly advocate the occasional sad.

On the other hand, no one wants to feel unhappy all the time; the goal is obviously to limit the unhappy times as much as possible.

Which is exactly why I've taken a page out of Elite Daily's book, and decided today to post the top ten indicators that you might just be truly happy. Because if you can't trust Elite Daily... well, who in the world can you trust?

1. You spend less time on social media. Not to say that all social media-ers are unhappy but I've found that the happiest people out there are usually the ones who spend the least amount of time online convincing everyone that they are.

2. You don't have Comcast cable. At this point, I'm convinced that Comcast and happiness are mutually exclusive.

3. You notice that the people around you are usually happy. Happiness is contagious so if everyone around you is catching it, the source could be you. (That, or you might just have spinach perpetually caught in your teeth.)

4. You look like a Bloody Mary fanatic at her first Bloody Mary festival. In case you don't know what that looks like, see below:

5. You're passionate about something. You know what Pinterest always says: a purposeful life is a happy life, 99% of the time. Or maybe it's that life is meaningless without a crockpot. Definitely one or the other.

6. You have a sister. No, but seriously.

7. You don't spend much time on the scale or in front of the mirror. For me, I spend the most time on the scale or in front of the mirror when I'm trying to change what I see, which isn't very healthy and certainly isn't very conducive to regular brunching. And since brunching equaly happiness... well, I think you know where this is going.

8. You're eating bacon. I could stop talking about bacon, but why risk that kind of unhappiness?

9. You're (typically) not jealous of anyone. You don't resent people for their happiness because you've got your own.

10. You stop worrying about being happy. The truth is, the moment you stop searching for happiness is the moment you've probably got it.

In other words, stop reading this list and go get yourself a Bloody! And if that doesn't work... bacon. Because nothing is so horrible it can't be fixed with a little bacon.

Chin up, Friday's almost here!