February 23, 2015

Six Reasons to Smile on a Fat Day

I hate to admit this but it seems that I've found myself in what some people might call a "fat day."

And by "day," I mean month and a half. And by "fat," I mean pale, pimply, oily, split-ended chubmuffin.

The fact is, for some reason or another, my self-confidence lately has been at a pretty dismal low. It could just be a "me" thing or it could be because the past month of sub-freezing wind on my public-transportating face has left my complexion reminiscent of a lint-roller.

One way or the other, I haven't been feeling my best self lately.

The thing is, someone telling me that I don't look like a lint-roller isn't always what I want to hear. Sure, someone telling me that it's all in my head and I'm a pretty princess with the skin of an angel baby's bottom isn't a horrible thing to hear. But sometimes, I'd rather have someone tell me, "Even if you are looking rough, it doesn't matter because your complexion isn't why I like you anyway."

Basically, when I'm having a "fat day," sometimes I'd rather hear that it doesn't matter because that's not all I've got going for me.

Which is why today I'm posting six cards for people who are going through their own pale, pimply, oily fat month that have absolutely nothing to do with the state of their complexion. Because the wind chill in DC got down to -11 last month; don't tell me you don't know someone who couldn't use a pick-me-up.

If you want to download these for yourself, just promise you'll use them to brighten someone's "fat" day.

"You are the type of person I want to be" download here
"You are almost never late" download here
"You tell good jokes" download here
"You are one of the kindest, sweetest, loveliest people I know" download here
"You are an amazing writer" download here
"You always make me smile and my heart happy" download here

Happy Monday.
Sure, it's a crappy day of the week but this week's got so much more going for it.