February 06, 2015

Seven Good Reasons to Laugh
(and One Thing That'll Make You Do It)

It being the end of a (in my opinion, hellish) week, are you in desperate need of a laugh?

If you answered no, first of all, stop answering rhetorical questions. And also, you're wrong.

Seriously, science says you're wrong and here's 7 facts about laughter to prove it.

1. Laughter has been shown to lower cortisol levels, which may lead to lower stress. Particularly useful if you have a full time job, a child or two, any amount of school work, or plan on getting out of bed today. 

2. 15 minutes of laughing can burn up to 40 calories. That's about four gummy bears. And without gummy bears, well... is there really even a point to this thing we call life?

3. Even animals like to laugh. So basically, if you don't like to laugh, you're technically a house plant.

4. Laughter might make you more attractive to the opposite sex, something most humans want to be. So like I said, if you don't like to laugh, you're a house plant.

6. One time, a school was closed due to laughter. In 1962, there was a "laughter epidemic" in Tanganyika during which school children couldn't stop laughing from anywhere up to a few hours to 16 days. Snow days are so last season.

7. Some things can make essentially anyone laugh. One professor says that "thing" is a  clip of people trying not to laugh in a situation where laughter would be extremely inappropriate. I say that "thing" is this:

Happy Friday.
Here's hoping you burn some major gummy bears this weekend.