February 11, 2015

A Graphic Explanation of My Blog

If you're not a blogger (or in case you've never advertised with another blogger before), I want to start this post by explaining why I wrote it.

You see, I wrote this post as a guest post for Sarah, whose blog I sponsored last month. I.e., I basically paid her money to at least pretend to like me. (Genius, I know. Too bad there wasn't such a thing in high school, am I right?)

Although a lot of blogs offer this advertising option, some bloggers (like Sarah) take it a step further and let their sponsors do all sorts of neat things. For example, she let me guest post on her blog so I could try to trick people into ready my blog.

Now, since I paid for that opportunity, you'd think that I would've had something irresistible to say. At very least, you'd have thought I would've had some really succinct and totally tempting sales pitch for my blog.

But I didn't.

In fact, I didn't really know how to explain what I blog about at all. But it wasn't because I don't blog about anything; actually, there's lots that I talk about. In fact, I talk about so much that I didn't really think it was fair to put my blog in any blogging "niche" at all.

For example, some people might consider Just the Elevator Pitch a healthy living blog. I don't come up with any of my own vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, low sugar, decalorizing recipes... but I do think a balanced diet is absolutely vital.

Which is why I practice one myself.

Other people have told me that they consider my blog primarily a fitness website.

And it makes sense: I also believe that exercise is important to a person's well-being. Actually, I ran cross country in college and now train somewhat regularly for various races. But of course, just like any athlete, my training regimen has peaks and valleys based on the time of the year.

It's all about timing.

But really, when you get down to it, most people would say that my blog falls in the generic "lifestyle" blog classification. Which sorta sucks, if we're being honest, because there's a lot of very talented, very funny competition when it comes to lifestyle bloggers. (Take for example the very funny lady I paid to like me last month.)

So of course, when there are blogs out there like Sarah's to live up to, you have to really pay attention to all parts of your blogging game. Especially the social medias.

Which is why I really buckle down and analyze my own social media presence every month. For example, this is what I learned about my Facebook usage last month:

But my favorite form of social media by far is Instagram. Some days, I spend so much time on the 'Gram that I'll start double tapping particularly delicious food I see in my office kitchen. (People don't appreciate that as much in the professional world as they do online though.)

And so of course, I've analyzed my performance on Insta as well:

To sum all of this nonsense up: it wasn't (and still isn't) that easy for me to give a brief explanation of what I blog about. So instead, I just threw up the ole cliffhanger and told them to come see for themselves.

Because you never know, maybe tomorrow will be the day I post my recipe for anti-calorizing macaroons.

PS - If any bloggers out there are considering sponsoring Sarah, I'd be careful; all that extra blog traffic might go to your head.