January 12, 2015

My Life Summed up in a Few Graphs

When I asked last Friday, "Do you work to live, or live to work?", I wasn't planning on using your answers for any sort of statistical analysis.

But after I read the thoughtful, interesting responses to that post, I couldn't help but crunch a few numbers. And once I did that, what else was I supposed to do with the stats from a statistically inadequate sample size besides put them on an aesthetically pleasing but otherwise meaningless pie chart?

The answer is nothing, which is how that proportionally inaccurate chart up there came to be.

In case it's not immediately obvious, 8 out of 11 people (73%) said they "work to live." One out of the 11 (1%) said she did both, one believes in "living to work," and one was torn but responded anyway to make the math ten times more difficult.

My first reaction to these results was not exactly surprise but not exactly neutral either. So this is what it means to be an adult? Spending most of the time preferring we were doing something else?

But really, it's the way it has to be for a society to function. I mean, I'm sure an overwhelming majority of people have more passion for sports and/or eating baked goods than they do for office work. But what kind of society would we have if the majority of people were bakers and/or sports broadcasters and no one worked in an office?

We'd be fat and entertained and otherwise unproductive.

So I think it's fair to thank that 73% for doing what you need to do, even if you'd rather be eating cupcakes. I also want to thank you because had it not been for you, I would have never realized how fun it is to make pie charts in Photoshop.

And it's like, really fun. Too much fun, if we're being honest. 

Sort of like eating pie.  

And the thing is, once pumpkin pie came into the picture... well, the whole "work to live, live to work" debate just sort of took a turn.

Specifically, took a turn to other food I enjoy, such as chicken. Naturally.

And in case you don't see where this is headed, I then spent the majority of my Sunday afternoon thinking of other types of graphs I could make.

Obviously, I started with my favorite of all the graphs, the practical yet refined Venn diagram. Always a party hit.

And once my brain gears were grinding with elementary school party tricks, I had a ton of ideas. Tons.

But, as so often happens, instead of actually acting on these ideas, I ate lunch instead. Because, well...

So to wrap up what started out as another introspective look at life meaning but ended in... well, that... I hope you all had a wonderful weekend living to make all the working you'll do this week worth it. As someone who would also rather be eating pie this morning, I salute you.