January 14, 2015

Just Your Typical Tuesday Evening Breakdown

At 7 AM yesterday morning, I had just spent the last 45 minutes on the elliptical thinking of what I knew was going to be a slam dunk blog post.

I had it all planned out, right down to the picture I would use for the introduction. (It was a picture of me and Derrick in onesies, in case you're wondering.) I couldn't wait for the next 12 hours to be over so I could get that gem of a post down on Blogger.

But then unfortunately, the next 12 hours happened.

Now, I want to start this by saying that nothing all that bad happened over the next 12 hours. In fact, in comparison to many of my fellow DC-ians, the next 12 hours were pretty good; I wasn't stuck on the subway for an hour in billowing, hospital-trip-inducing smoke like 84 other metro riders were on Monday. And I certainly didn't die from said billowing, hospital-trip-inducing smoke.

No, by most reasonable standards, I had a pretty excellent day. The problem is, the small annoyances of the next 12 hours starting chipping away at all reason.

The below-freezing wind that blew in my face the half-mile walk to the subway. The 10 extra minute residual delay from the metro mess the day before, added to the usual 20 minute inexplicable metro morning delay. The homeless man demanding I give him a sandwich. Forgetting my key and locking myself in a stairwell. Starting an extra hard, extra frustrating project at work. Staying later than usual working on the extra hard, extra frustrating project at work. Getting nowhere. Spending 20 extra minutes jammed into some business man's armpit on the metro ride home. Getting off the metro to find that the wind had changed direction and was now blowing into my face on the half-mile walk back to my apartment.

Like I said, nothing big. But by the time I dropped my stuff down in my living room at 7 PM and turned on my computer to write the much anticipated blog post, rational Nicole had checked out.

So when I looked at my email before opening Blogger and saw an email that would normally be "somewhat irritating" on the crisis scale at best, I did not react rationally. Instead, I burst into explosive, chest-heaving, completely inappropriate by any standard sobs. And the nice thing about living alone is that when you burst into explosive, chest-heaving, completely inappropriate by any standard sobs, no one is there to question you, judge you, or tell you to get a grip, you irrational nut.

No, when you live alone, you have the freedom to wail around your apartment for ten minutes over essentially a pretty standard weather occurrence and a slightly annoying email.

By the time rational Nicole came to her senses, I wasn't in the mood to write that home run post anymore. It wasn't because I was too miserable or anything; rational Nicole was just too embarrassed by herself to have anything to do with the image of herself in an adult onesie.

Frankly, there just was not enough dignity left.

So that's how we ended up here at this completely onesie-free post. Not what 7 AM Nicole had planned but I guess that's life. Hopefully I'll have enough dignity to post it tomorrow, but I guess that will really just depend on the direction of the wind.