December 16, 2014

Today's Media Is for the Dogs (but Not Literally)

December 12th was a rough day for my Cockapoo, Jazz.

A mere 24 hours after I told her that Pope Francis had opened the gates of heaven to doghood, the media came out with a rather epic "oops" and basically issued a sweeping "JK."

Naturally, Jazz was not amused. In fact, she was borderline inconsolable, ripping up shreds of a toilet paper roll she found in the bathroom, muttering something that sounded a lot like, "F*ck morals."

It took fifteen minutes and three cheese cubes to calm her down.

But even as I was picking up shreds of Charmin remnants from the floor, I couldn't really blame Jazz. As someone who has become increasingly skeptical and often rather peeved with the media ever since that time they made me think that my neighborhood hospital was housing an Ebola patient, I totally understood her frustration.

I mean, the media has one job and it shouldn't be reporting the juiciest, most popular story; it should be reporting the accurate one. It shouldn't be making an interesting headline from speculation; it should be making an unbiased headline from the facts.

I understand that reporters are employees who need to sell a product, but I think it's scary that those who have so much control over what concerns us as a society can be so flippant. Or just so downright wrong.

And this is coming from someone whose eternity hasn't just been potentially reversed.