December 15, 2014

Six 2015 Planners That Don't Exist

In case you didn't read my blog then (or in case you're like my sister, who "only really looks at the pictures"), 90% of my job is looking at big words. (The other 10% is usually Google-ing those words.)

Now, I think my job is cool and I do love words but sometimes, I just really get worded out. 

For example, after a long, long week where I actually had to carve out 2% of my Google-ing time for frantic, stressful panic... I was done with words for the weekend. Newspapers, books, fine print... I was having none of it.

No, all I wanted to do was fart around on Photoshop, drink hot chocolate, and watch ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas at my parents' house.

... Which is exactly what I did. So instead of words today, I'm just posting some of this weekend's Photoshop fats. I'd apologize but according to my sister, this all you guys really want anyway.

Happy Monday.
Hope your words treat you nicely this week.