November 07, 2014

The Answers to All Your Questions: Part 2

Like I said I'd do in Part 1, I'm here today with Part 2 of the answers to all of the questions I demanded you ask me. And no, I didn't wait until Friday because this week has been a hectic flurry of patent-related chaos.

No, I just wanted to create a little drama. You know, keep you all guessing.

Anyway, enough with the drama; let's just get to it.

Whatcha doing this weekend? -Emily

Well, when you asked, I was bridesmaid-ing at my best friend's wedding. But because that answer is not relevant anymore, the agenda for this weekend is a Bloody Mary (or two) and college football. I won't say I'm as excited for it as I was for the wedding... but I mean... Bloody Marys.

Have you had any great brunch experiences there yet and have you found any amazing Bloody Mary's? -Launna

Funny you should ask because actually, I've had some awesome brunch experiences over the last few months (that surprisingly had nothing to do with the Bloodies).

First, I met one of the most badass runners I have ever seen in real life at a place called Duke's Grocery. I actually met Lucinda via blog (is that weird?) but now that we've shared Marys, I'd say we're definitely "real life" friends.

To call the second experience "great" would be media negligence, so instead I'm going to tell you that it was unbelievable. And I mean literally, some people didn't believe me when I told them that I chatted with A Great Big World (you know, the group that sings "Say Something" with Christina Aguilera) at brunch in Naples, Florida. It (and they) were no less than great.

And seriously, if you don't believe me: it happened.

What is your spirit animal? -Kenzie

Madison Bumgarner

Swim with sharks or run with the bulls? -Kenzie

I'm not sure that this is a correct answer, but I'm going to go with "no thanks." I'm also not sure if this is actually some sort of metaphorical question so that you can psychoanalyze me, Kenzie, but if it is... well, I guess take my answer for whatever it means.

If you could live anywhere around the world, where English is not their first language, where would it be? -Tara

Mexico, because then I could come back to the U.S. without a problem.

Any favorite shows? -Tara

House of Cards, for sure. It's one of those shows that I finish watching and I feel a little guilty because of how evil Frank (the main character) can be, but it's totally worth it.

Favorite junk food? -Tara

It's totally bizarre, but I have some sort of extreme addiction to Atomic Fireballs. And yes, I mean the cinnamon candies that burn the roof of your mouth and make you cry. And yes, I frequently burn the roof of my mouth and cry.

Do you ever walk during a marathon? Or is it 26.2 miles of continuous running? -Liz

I've never walked during a marathon. The first two, I didn't walk because I was feeling great and was right on pace. The last one, I didn't walk because I knew that if I stopped running, I would never start back up (and the finish line was too far away for me to roll).

What happens if you get the runner's shits? How do you get rid of/stop the runner's shits? (Also, is there a more technical name for them? No one ever seems to talk about these sorts of running issues. Or maybe I am alone in this plague? God, I hope not... now that the internet all knows... I am going to shut up now.) -Liz

I don't know what the technical term is but I think that "Runner's Shits" is probably the most commonly accepted among the running community. And yes, other people get them and actually there is a lot of talk about the runner's shits, it's just usually done on long runs with another runner who understands the agony that is a runner shit.

Anyway, what happens if you get runner's shits is that you better either A. know where the closest bathroom is on your route or B. had been smart enough to bring some TP in your running shorts and be running in a mostly wooded area. (And yes, I've had first-hand experience with both.)

Thank God, I've never experienced runner's shits during a marathon. The only way I know how to avoid them is to eat very little fiber for two or three days (which is easy when you're carb-loading for a marathon). Other than that, I feel like they just strike out of the blue with no rhyme, reason, or warning. But if you ever figure it out, please let me know. Also, I'll help you patent it and we'll both become rich.

And with that, I think we've had enough for one week.
Now get out there and show Friday who's boss!