November 26, 2014

Night before Thanksgiving Special: What Your Drink Says about You

All through life, we learn that it's not right to judge a book by its cover.

But who are we kidding? We all know that book covers don't exist just to cover books... they're there to be judged. Because overused adages aside, most of us are cover-judgers, like it or not.

And the thing you should know about popularly ignored, overused adages is that they don't just apply to books. No, when you're out at happy hour, you should think of your first drink order as your own metaphorical book jacket.

Yes, there, I said it.

And now that it's out there, maybe you're wondering what your metaphorical book cover says about you. Well, now you can wonder no more because on my flight to Florida yesterday for Thanksgiving, I put together a few sketches of some popular drink book jackets. In other words, what the rest of the bar is judging you by.

(And by the rest of the bar, I mean me.)


Of course this is all just in good fun. Seriously, get whatever you want because no one's really paying attention. (I mean, we're all reading E-books these days anyway.)

Happy Thanksgiving!
If you're going out tonight, stay safe and choose wisely.
As for me, I'll be soaking up some South Florida sunshine.