October 31, 2014

The Answers to All Your Questions

As I promised (or as I threatened, depending on how much you like me), today I will be answering all of the questions I was asked the time I told you all to ask me questions!

Before I begin, I just want to say that I was a little surprised that no one ventured into anything very juicy. Like who is my favorite parent? Or which family member would I sell first for supplies in an end of world scenerio?

But because you didn't ask, I'm not going to tell you. Instead, I'm just going to tell you the answers that I guess are more interesting than if I'd sell my brother for a loaf of bread and 2% milk.

(Also, after I started writing my answers, I realized that for the sake of not writing a Harry Potter length novel here, I'm splitting this post into two parts. If you plan your day around my blogging schedule, plan accordingly.)

Which city is better, Chicago or Boston? Trick question Boston, but only b/c I've never been to Chicago. -Kels

Well, I hate to say this but the trick is actually on you, Kels, because Chicago is not only better than Boston, it is better than any other city in the world. (Or at least any other city I've ever visited.) Actually, I've heard that Santa originally wanted to set up shop there but at that time, it was too warm for the reindeer. (I'm assuming he's now reconsidering after the Polar Vortex incident last year.)

But seriously, Chicago is awesome. The food (specifically brunch) alone is enough to make me want to move back. But the city is beautiful (especially near the lake), the public transportation is great, and the city is on New York's size scale (although somewhat smaller) but the people are infinitely more polite. Plus, it's really safe.

(That last part was a joke.)

If you don't believe me, look at these pictures I took there last year. If you don't want to move there after that, then you are probably just not human.

If you had to be in one grade of school for the rest of your life, which grade would you pick? -Bethany

I'm going to take the liberty of assuming that college is a grade, and I'm going to pick my sophomore year of college. That was the year I met Derrick, which was a lot of fun. I also was pretty laid back that year about school and running (as opposed to the next two years when I was a borderline maniac), so it was fun pretending to be carefree for a little while.

I think most people would probably have expected me to pick some elementary school year but frankly, I don't remember much before fifth grade. Also, I didn't learn to at least hide my awkward until midway through high school.

If you had to choose any actress to play you in a movie who would you choose? -Jordan

I would definitely pick Amy Poehler. I won't flatter myself by saying I'm even half as funny as her, but a girl can dream.

Describe yourself via haiku (really more of a demand than a question I guess). -Jordan

I like to eat food,
despite effects to my butt.
Who cares though? Bacon.

Where is your favorite place to shop (for clothes duh)? -Jordan

I can do some serious damage in H&M and Forever 21. If money wasn't an object though, I'd say Dick's. Nike sports bras and spandex are my weakness.

I'm really digging reading about other bloggers' "behind the scenes" creative rituals when it comes to creating content. How do you prepare your posts? Do you plan them ahead of time or just go with the flow? Do you write more than one post on the same day in case you stumble upon writer's block? Do you have a specific time of the day when you sit JUST to write a blog post? etc, etc. -Esther

Back when I started blogging, I used to be really systematic with my posting. I'd have three or four posts scheduled in advance, and rarely had a day without a post. When I moved to DC though, my life (i.e., my job) got a lot more hectic and blogging stopped being a priority.

So, as of now, my writing process is extremely "go with the flow." I hardly ever write posts in advance, unless I decide to write on the weekend. Unless I have some sort of obligation (a review or a sponsored post), my creative process generally begins on the train home from work. Hopefully, I come up with something decent between leaving work and sitting down with my dinner because if not, then no post happens that day. And if I have something to do after work, no post for that day either. It's not the best strategy, but it's what I can manage for only a hobby at this point.

That being said, I almost always write for an hour or two while I'm eating dinner in the evenings. I live alone and it's either that, watch TV, or stare at a wall. Blogging almost always wins, although I have gotten very familiar with the shade of eggshell white in my living room.

That's enough for today, so happy Friday!
Be back next week with Part 2. (If the wall doesn't get to me first, that is.)