October 02, 2014

A Tour of My Apartment

Disclaimer: I received free product to write this post. However, despite bribing my siblings regularly, I am not susceptible to the same; all opinions and corny jokes are 100% my own.

One of the greatest tragedies of modern society is the stigma associated with snooping. I mean, what's the harm in a little curiosity? In fact, I'm not even so sure it DID kill the cat. 

And, as always, I'm here to fight the unjust social standards of our day. I'm here to say that I am adamantly pro-snooping, and think everyone deserves the chance to browse, poke, and prod other people's belongings.

So to prove my devotion to the cause, I am going to open my home up to you by showing you at least eight different, highly staged pictures of my apartment that I spent the morning cleaning.

Because after all, like our good friends at the NSA like to say: privacy schmivacy. This is America.

After looking that these pictures, you might be thinking a few things. One, that I don't drink a lot of red wine in my living room. And two, apparently all I have is a living room.

You'd be right about the wine, but wrong about the living room. Indeed, the only room I showed you was my living room but that is not because it's the only one I've got; it's just the only one I've decorated.

Which is a tragedy really, because it's certainly not the most important room in one's home.

No, the title "Most Important Room in One's Home" actually belongs to the kitchen but for some reason, I have no idea how to decorate a kitchen. In fact, before last week, the only decoration I had in my kitchen was a magnet I impulsively bought at Whole Foods for $4.65, which, as far as decorations go, proved to be both incredibly unsatisfactory and uneconomic.

So when the people at Fulcrum Gallery reached out to me recently to try one of their products, the regretful magnet consumer in me was thrilled. Without hesitation, I immediately agreed to take a look.

After some time browsing their site, the only downside I could find is that there are so many items to choose from. And then, once you've picked one you like, you have to choose from the many finishes (frame, canvas, laminate, etc.). It's enough to send any chronically indecisive blogger nuts.

In the end, I decided that this elephant head really complemented the colorful cliche on my magnet. I also told myself that it might motivate me to one day take the trip I've been dreaming about since I was nine (an African safari). It's like a dream board, but without the effort of making one.

(And yes, the irony of that statement does make me doubt that this strategy will work.)

But I can't blame the Fulcrum Gallery for that, because all they did was supply me with a high quality and beautiful canvas print to put next to my refrigerator. The unfulfilled dreams, they're completely on me.

What I'm trying to say is whether or not you want a low-effort dream board, I'd recommend taking a look around the Fulcrum Gallery site to see if there is anything there you'd like in your kitchen. They have some awesome products that can fit any style or unfulfilled dream.

And with that, I guess there's nothing more left to say except...

"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly."
- Whole Foods $4.65 magnet