October 13, 2014

A One-Sided Conversation with Me

This post is a total cop-out and I won't insult you guys by pretending it's not. I recently was features on Taylor's blog (which, if you blog, I would definitely recommend if you want to feel popular for a week or two) and this is the same pseudo-interview that she posted on Saturday.

Lame, I know.

I scheduled this post ahead of time though, while I was packing for Florida (where I am right now). So again, I know it's a cop-out... but I talked to Mickey about it and he said it was okay.

The Bloody Marys are OK in Arlington but compared to Chicago, this is just a glorified V8.

Taylor: So I have to know, why the switch from your previous very successful blog (Not Before My Tea) to Just the Elevator Pitch?

The honest answer is that I did it for my own sanity when I was moving from Chicago to the DC area.

Leaving Chicago was very, very hard for me; I felt like I was leaving behind a pretty significant chapter in my life that I wasn't even necessarily finished with. I wanted to keep blogging but not in the same place that had so much of my Chicago life all over it. In a weird way, I thought starting over with a new blog would making starting over with a new life easier. I guess I never learned that lesson kids are supposed to eventually learn, that just because you cover your eyes doesn't mean the other guy's not still there.

The answer I'm going to tell the NY Times if they ever ask though, is that I wanted to change the direction of my blogging away from brunch recaps to more relevant, "real person" stuff. Like the whole Ray Rice debacle or, you know, toast.

Taylor: And you left Chicago! Do you miss anything about the Windy City?

Yes, and every day I'm torn on my feelings towards your lovely city. On one hand, I've never seen so many amazing Bloody Marys in one spot. But then on the other, it's really nice to feel my face in October.

Taylor: How is life in Virginia? 

It's a lot different here. I work at a law firm in DC which, as you can imagine, is really relaxing and totally low key. Even though I'm originally from Baltimore, it's taking a while to adjust to the difference between the laid-back Midwest attitude and the East Coast frenzy. For some reason, there seems to be less time here.

Taylor:  What are you looking forward to about fall?

What? It's fall? Why didn't someone tell me?

Taylor: What has blogging taught you thus far?

More than anything, that it's important to not take it (or yourself) too seriously. Like with most things, you've got to remember to keep your sense of humor. Otherwise, it'll all drive you nuts.

Between moving from Chicago to starting my new job in DC, I took the most amazing, spontaneous LivingSocial trip to the Azores in anticipation of my quarter-life crisis. This is the picture I use when I want to humble brag about it.
Happy Monday, everyone. And I can tell you one thing: they look a lot better from this side of the country.