September 05, 2014

If You Read One Thing This Fall

Spoiler: This is it.

I'm no book snob, but I do consider myself authorized to speak on the subject of books. Living alone in strange new cities for the better part of my post-college life has allowed me ample opportunity to read. And read a lot.

I read in restaurants, I read on buses, I read on park benches, and on airplanes. I read when I'm happy and when I'm sad and when I'd rather eat popcorn in my underwear than, you know, see people.

So you can trust my advice when I tell you that if you are going to read only one novel this fall, Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty should be it.

Big Little Lies was released this past July, an event I had been waiting for so anxiously that I threw all of my personal values to the wind and rushed out to Barnes & Noble immediately to buy the hard cover version. I'm normally a $0.99 Kindle kind of girl but I knew that this one would be good.

Moriarty is most well-known for her book The Husband's Secret, but she's actually published six adult books and three children's books. (I've read all six of the adult novels.) The reason I like her books so much is mainly the way she develops her characters. I know that it sounds extremely book snobbish but I think most people probably feel the same way; no one wants to read about a completely unrelatable and unrealistic characters. If everyone in a book is perfect, where's the fun in that?

But if you actually don't really care about character development, you still will like this book. It's a murder mystery that is also somehow simultaneously funny. Like, laugh out loud alone in a cafe funny.

The story is about a group of pre-school parents, each with their own typically complicated back story. From the beginning of the book, you know that the novel ends with one of the parents being killed at a school function. The rest of the book involves a lot of speculation on who, how, and why.

The story is one of those annoying types that forces you to miss half of the last few chapters because you need to find out what happens so badly, you end up skimming every other paragraph. And in this case, the ending ends up being just as good as you had anticipated.

Basically, if you have some spare time this fall, you should definitely check Big Little Lies out. And if you don't have any spare time, sacrifice some of that time you normally spend preparing meals if you have to. Because this book is good, and feeding your family is overrated anyway.

Note: I was not compensated by anyone in any way to write this post, but will gladly accept compensation if you end up liking it. I will also gladly accept compensation if you don't like it, or just because I exist in general.