August 26, 2014

Why Do You Blog?

I do it because this is the alternative.

You  know when you walk into your living room for something, but forget what that something is on the way? That's sort of how I felt showing up to my blog last week.

I was gone from the internet for a week and a half, a break that in itself isn't exactly earth shattering. I mean, I've had colds longer than that.

And really, it's not even like it was the longest time I've spent offline; my parents had the gall to potty train me the same week Barney and Friends Season 2 came out, the combination of which really took a toll on my early 90's internet presence.

But this recent unplanned hiatus was different. You see, even back when I was too busy figuring out the mechanics of the Pull-Up to blog, the internet was still on my mind. Although I've taken breaks before, they were planned and generally had a specific purpose (such as moving across the country, or waiting until I had mastered the art of wiping).

This break though, was not planned. It had no real point. And when I was gone, I didn't care. I didn't particularly miss blog world. And as we all know, Facebook is a conniving bitch for anyone who didn't just get engaged on the back of a dolphin off a tropical island.

Which I didn't.

You're probably thinking now is the part where I release the profound wisdom I learned from my short time off that brought me back to "this little corner of the internet," as those with profound wisdom often say. But I can't because I don't have any.

No, I came back mostly just as a response to a disturbing conversation I had during that week, when someone asked me, "So, what do you do?" My disturb didn't come from the question though, but more so my answer. Because during that week, I didn't have one.

My immediate reaction was to list the things I used to do: I run, I critique my weekly brunch, and I blog. But I haven't been doing much of the first two since moving, and in the midst of an unplanned hiatus with no end in sight, the last one didn't look good either.

So what else was there? "I look at things and sleep when I can. Sometimes I also like to walk around." Hopefully he didn't ask my cockapoo next, or else he'll think we're sharing answers.

So I guess the reason I came back is because I don't want to be a cockapoo. Right now, I'm in that weird phase where I'm trying to figure out who I am and what I do (a phase sometimes referred to as "life"), and I'm getting this feeling like maybe I'm not as sure about the answers as I thought I was. For example, I'm not sure if blogging is necessarily the answer that I want mine to be.

But I am sure that I don't want my answer to be confused with my cockapoo's. So instead of spending my time barking at the wall while I figure myself out, I decided to come back here. Because it might be a while, so why not make a few pointless lists in the meantime?

So tell me, if you blog, why do YOU do it?