August 07, 2014

Day 67: The Selfie Generation Gets a Bad Rap

Yeah, I can selfie.
There's nothing more frustrating than being unfairly judged.

My generation in particular gets a really bad rap.  According to the rest of the world, anyone born from 1985 to 1995 is a narcissistic know-it-all, taking selfies all day and twerking all night.  But do you know which one really gets me?

When they call us lazy.  Because we're really not lazy at all.

Other generations like to give us a hard time but maybe we're the victims here.  Life as a twenty sometimes nowadays is tough.  And we've had it rough our whole lives.

I mean, think about it: back when other generations were in high school, there was no way for parents to stalk your high school boyfriends.  But for us, moms have been creeping up into our deeply personal lives since the day Mark Zuckerburg gave us the 'book.

And ever since then, we've been coping.  Back when we were 13 and 14, we had to deal with relatives who thought that seeing our relationship status online gives them license to talk about their first relationships.  So we spent our early teens pretending like Grandma recounting her first sexual encounters didn't bother us at all.

But, c'mon.  The thought of Grandma getting busy in the back of a Chevy Camaro?

And you see, that right there is where it all started: we've had it ingrained in us to hide our true feelings.  For example, at your first job.  You're the youngest one there and you really don't know how things work.

So the first time your boss asks you to stay late, you think he's messing with you.

I mean, how are you going to make it to happy hour if you're in the office?  But he's not kidding.  So then you have to backtrack fast and pretend you're super excited to stay late and help with a very important project.

You soon realize, though, that a "project" is code for work no one else wants to do.  So it falls on you, the newest one in the office.  But as you get into it, you realize that it's just cutting and pasting in Microsoft Word.

Cutting and pasting 2500 sentences into Microsoft Word.

Luckily for you, you've been cutting and pasting since the days you were "bahamablonde22" on AOL Instant Messenger, so you get it finished twice as fast as anyone was expecting.  Everyone's in disbelief and wants to know how you did it.

But of course, you can't say that because, like when Grandma was talking about second base, you've been trained to hide your true feelings with something more appropriate.

Worst of all, now you've missed happy hour so you have no excuse for not going to the gym.  But exercising now isn't as easy as it was in college.

But you go anyway because there's always that chance you'll meet "the one" while you're there.  In fact, this time you catch a hot guy's eye from across the room.

But we all know how that one turns out.

So you just get out of there as fast as you can.

And all you want to do now is go home and watch some Netflix online, but the thing about going on the Internet now days is that there are online bills there.  Like the credit card statement you're just now looking at.

You probably shouldn't be spending any more money so you decide just to go with an old friend and get on Facebook.  But all you see on your news feed now is a bunch of engagement pictures.

And somehow, every single one has 157 likes.  You'd like to be excited for them too but... really.

All you can think about now is about the "responsible" decisions you made in college.

But some of these people are your friends so again, you have to hide your true feelings and act happy for them too.

Which makes Facebook a whole lot less fun than it used to be.  So you decide that you're going to make yourself feel better by making yourself a healthy, sophisticated dinner.

I mean, you're an adult and awesome in the kitchen now.

Oh wait, that's right.  No you're not.

And the worst part it, now you have to do the dishes.

But you're living on your own now so you're the only one who's going to do them.

And really, it's the same for everything else in your life: you're in the real world now so you're doing everything yourself.  But you're new at this, so it's a lot harder for you than people who've been doing it for years.

And to add to that stress, we're spending all of our time hiding how we really feel half of the time.

So you know what?  We're not really lazy at all.  Why do we act the way we do?  Well...

... We're just tired.