August 04, 2014

Day 64: Ten Things You Should Know about Me

"me," as mentioned above
This weekend, I met up with my friend Madelynne at a wine bar around the corner. I bring the evening up first just to subtly gloat about the clearly sophisticated people that we are drinking wine and sh*t, but also because our little date was extremely relevant... because actually, it was a blogging date.

(People sometimes call these things "blates," but that's one of those words I try to avoid if at all possible. Like "pustule;" there's never a better time for a synonym than when you're talking about a pustule.)

Now, Madelynne also runs marathons and is also "science-y," so we have a lot to talk about. But as expected, we inevitably can't help but talking about blogging at least a little bit.

At one point, Madelynne told me that my personality is pretty much exactly what she expected after reading my blog. Which is what I am going for; I mean, how disappointing is it when you order a shirt online only to realize three weeks later that it's toddler size? Not all surprises are good surprises.

Honestly though, I was a little bit too excited about it than was entirely necessary. Sort of like how I was a little bit too panicked about the whole "Ebola patients in Georgia" thing than was exactly called for. (This surgical mask really brings out my eyes though.)

You see, as it turns out, Madelynne's observations might not even be true. When I later told Derrick what Madelynne had said, he was quick to inform me that she was actually wrong. Apparently (according to Derrick), Blog-Nicole is much sassier than Real-Life-Nicole. Derrick said that I am a little sassy in person, but I guess throw in some punctuation and I'm a grade-A wisenheimer.

Now, I don't know who's right here but I do know one thing: whether it's Derrick or Madelynne, I want people who read my blog to know the real Nicole... not her wiseacre internet ego.

So I guess the first thing you should know about me is that I really love a list. And as for the second through tenth things you might be interested in hearing:

2. Up until about high school, I was extremely shy. Like, a debilitating shy; people were often surprised to find out that I actually talked.
3. I'm 5'8" and 3/4 exactly, and have been that way since I was 13.
4. I've been to eight different countries, and France twice.
5. But I can't really speak French.
6. I joke about my hangry alter-ego Nikki, but she's sort of real. When I'm hungry, I can feel myself becoming unreasonably irritated. The reasonable part of my brain actually even tries telling myself that I'm being unreasonable. Shockingly, the unreasonable side usually doesn't see reason though.
7. I knocked out 3/4 of my front right tooth in a basketball game when I was 15. 3/4 of that tooth is now fake. It's annoying because: 1. At any moment (or more specifically, with any apple), it could fall out and 2. Crest white strips don't do anything to it, which explains my obmre smile.
8. When I read Harry Potter, I usually just open to a random page in the middle because I've basically memorized the books by this point.
9. I went through a phase in college when the f-bomb was my adjective of choice. Now, I get kind of a thrill just writing "sh*t."
10. I've been in love exactly once in 24 years.

There's a lot more to be said about me, I think, than can be captured in a list of 10 things. But both Real-Life Nicole and Blog Nicole think that this is enough. Because, according to Blog Nicole, ain't no one got time for that anyway.