August 29, 2014

New Study Shows That Old People Hate Toasters

August 27, 2014

Happy Holidays, from My Hashtag to Yours

Sometimes when I get lonely, I remember that I took this picture.

August 26, 2014

Why Do You Blog?

I do it because this is the alternative.

August 25, 2014

My Dog Doesn't Know She Can Go Upstairs

I know, I know... but she looks so smart, right?

August 22, 2014

Day Whatever: Ten Completely Generic Things I Didn't Do during a Personal Meltdown

I didn't think to photograph my meltdown, but I did take a picture of this a few weeks ago.

August 12, 2014

Day 72: Four Habits of Really Productive People

August 11, 2014

Day 71: It Sucks, but It Could Be Worse

the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool in DC this weekend

August 08, 2014

Day 68: A Butt-Kicking, FantASStic Cardio Workout

said fantASStic workout

August 07, 2014

Day 67: The Selfie Generation Gets a Bad Rap

Yeah, I can selfie.

August 06, 2014

Day 66: I Adopted a Child

This is Amelie.

August 05, 2014

Day 65: Busy Doesn't Equal Productive (but You Knew That)

I was going to pick a more relevant picture, but I liked this one of me in high school better.

August 04, 2014

Day 64: Ten Things You Should Know about Me

"me," as mentioned above

August 01, 2014

Day 61: A Better Example of Things Our Parents Don't Get about Technology

a completely unrealistic and unnecessarily staged picture of my technology that I took just for this post