July 23, 2014

Day 52: This Goes on Your Pinterest Wedding Board

And by "this," I mean these frames.
If there's one thing everyone hates, it's a humble bragger.

Which is why I'm just going to come right out and say it: this is me bragging.

Now, somewhat in my defense, I'm not only going to brag about myself. (Although I will be doing a bit of that too.) But actually, most of my braggery belongs to one of my best friends, Erika, who is planning her wedding this fall.

The best way I can think to describe Erika is sort of a cross between the Energizer Bunny and Christopher Columbus, but with way better hair.  You see, Erika likes to travel and explore but not in a Carnival-cruise-let's-explore-the-bar sort of way.  Erika has been to more places and done more things than my collective Facebook friend population.

And the annoying thing is that you can't even hate her for it, because every trip she's taken has been directly or indirectly a result of how hard she works.  But that's not why I'm bragging about her.

While planning her wedding, Erika somehow managed to crack Pinterest's source code.  We haven't even gone on the bachelorette  party yet, and already she's brought every Wedding Board I've seen to its knees.  I don't want to give away all of her secrets, but the blogger in me couldn't help but share the one pictured above: instead of having her tables numbered at her wedding reception, she is going to have every table named after a city she's visited with her fiance, each with its own handmade picture frame.

But even that's not why I'm bragging about her.  I'm bragging about her because somehow she was cunning enough to swindle me and two of our friends into manual labor, i.e. painting these frames.

I'm just kidding of course, but about the swindling, not about the painting.  No, I was actually convinced to decorate five of the thirteen frames, which included Chicago, Prague, Phoenix, Denver, and Vysok√© Tatry (her hometown in Slovakia).  It took a lot of paint, sweat, tears, and a 2.5 hour bike ride to Michaels Craft Store this weekend, but here they are in all of their glory.  And if I do say so, I think they look pretty good.

But that's not why I'm bragging about myself; I'm bragging about myself because somehow I swindled my friend Kelsey into helping me polish off these babies this weekend.

And no, this time I'm not kidding about the swindling.

So for all of you out there planning your virtual wedding via secret wedding board: pin away.  And for all of you who think this is totally cliche: c'mon, I'm a blogger... what do you want from me?