July 18, 2014

Day 47: 25 Things I'm a Huge Fan of (and You Should Be Too)

I wrote this post as a guest post for Sarah a few months ago for her Fan Friday link-up, but I'm recycling it here now.  I guess the bad thing about having plans that aren't eating dinner in front of your laptop alone is that it leaves less time for blogging.  But as Galileo once said, "Sorry, but I'm not sorry."

Or whatever.

Now, when Sarah emailed me and asked if I wanted to do a guest post for her, I'd like to say that I kept my cool.  But that'd be a lie... I was jazz hands, happy dance pumped.  I felt like Princess Kate had just asked my opinion on a new pair of dungarees for baby George.  Only this was even better because I don't even really know what a dungaree is, and Kate probably thinks that "football" means soccer.

I was also honored that Sarah would trust Fan Friday, my favorite weekly link-up, in my hands.  You might all find this amazing but I link up with Sarah almost every single Friday.  The amazing part isn't that I link up though (I mean, who wouldn't?); the amazing part is that Sarah lets me link up every Friday... because every Friday, my post is completely irrelevant to the link-up.  (Which is actually sort of incredible, really, given the link-up's many, many topics.)

But despite all this, she asked me to guest post anyway.  And God knows I didn't want to let her, or all her lovely readers, down... so as the honorary Ruler of the Fan Friday Link-Up, I wrote the most relevant post ever to grace the internet.  Relevance is the name of the game, after all, and with this post... we're all winners.

So I present you all with this: 25 things I'm a huge fan of (and you should be too).

1.  Manual paper towel dispensers.  To the people pushing automatic bathroom anything: I admire your optimism, but please stop now.
2.  Bloody Marys.  It's sort of like a vegetable, and you can put pizza on top.
3.  Brunch.  They have Bloody Marys there.
4.  Lists.  They're all sorts of succinct, and complete sentences are optional.  Blue Green Pig Dumplings.  Doesn't make sense, but this is a list... doesn't matter.
5.  Maryland.  Old Bay everything.
6.  Chicago.  Not as good as Maryland, but eat there enough and you might forget.
7.  Sarah.  Sucking up?  Who, me?
8.  The Baltimore Ravens.  The Ravens are a religion.  For those of you who think that they can be lumped in with "Maryland," I will pray for you.
9.  This Woman:

10. Grey's Anatomy.  It's not just for pre-teens, guys.
11. Google.  I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biochemistry, which is a fancy way of saying I'm really good at Google-ing.
12. Hedgehogs and other small animals that sort of look like hedgehogs.
13. Sunday Mornings.  It makes the rest of the week worth it.
14. Blogger.  So free.  So easy.  And so temperamental and unexpected, you'll never have to watch E! News again.
15. The Skimm.  Just... you're welcome.
16. Spring.  Last winter, Chicago set a record for the most days with temperatures below zero AND inches of snow.  It would be something to celebrate if it wasn't so god-awful.
17. ZzzQuil.  I'm still convinced this year's Nobel Prize was fixed, because ZzzQuil is by far the most influential advance in our society to date.
18. Golden Grahams.  And if the makers of ZzzQuil didn't win, it should have at least gone to the guy who gave us Golden Grahams.
19. Tacos.
20. Target.  Cop-out, I know, because who isn't already a fan of Target?
21. Moms.  I mean, this doesn't really need an explanation.
22. Country Music.  Wait, are bloggers allowed to like country music?  Whatever.  Ben & Jerry's could be a temporary fix, but I don't know where I'd be right now without Chris Cagle and Sara Evans.
23. Ice Cream.  Okay, but yeah, Ben and Jerry's is pretty good too.
24. Running.  To counteract the ice cream.  The real reason I ran the Boston Marathon was just for the resulting ice cream deficit.
25. Ibuprofen.  See number 24.
Whew.  That felt good.  Who knew being relevant could be so freeing?  Maybe I'll start following the rules more often.