July 17, 2014

Day 46: Signs You're Doomed to a Life of Loneliness and Cats

This is what I'm looking at right now.  Please note that this is not a sand volleyball court. 

After a disappointing first week, I was totally set to make some friends last night and not give them Cheerios this morning.  Bags packed, GPS on, even a few reliable jokes to fall back on... I was ready for my first volleyball game of the season.

But in yet another cruel twist of events, the game was cancelled again, this time because of flooded courts.

My first reaction to the cancellation email was rage.  The pure savage rage of someone trying to open a "clamshell" plastic container.  But that rage quickly turned into an overwhelming gloom.  I trudged home after work wondering if I should just get a cat now and get it over with; if the universe was dooming me to a life as a lonely cat lady, might as well get started now.

I didn't know where they sell cats in Arlington though, or if they do at all.  (Do they even make organic cats?)  So instead I settled on getting an iced green tea at the Starbucks around the corner.

But even here I can't escape my troubles.  Because while I am here debating if Instagramming my Starbucks cup is too cliche, everyone around me is having the best day ever.  (And I'm not being dramatic; the six-year-old next to me just told me that she is going to Burger King for dinner which does in fact mean, and I quote, that "today is the best day ever!")

And while no one else around me came out and told me that today is also their best day ever, I can tell.

For example, the older man to my left is drinking a coconut smoothie with a straw while not even remotely trying to conceal that fact that he's picking his nose.  Clearly, he has reached the point in life when he just doesn't give a sh*t, which actually makes every day now his best day ever.

And the couple on my right is also conspicuously having their best day ever too.  I can tell because even though I can't make out every word the man is saying, he really knows how to get the crowd rolling.  (Assuming that he is the crowd, of course.)  And the woman across from him is clearly enjoying her first scone ever, based on how much attention she's giving it.  In fact, she seems so overwhelmed by it that she hasn't even seemed to notice her partner at all.  But who can blame her?  I'm sure we all remember the day we had our first scone, which I'm sure we can all also agree was the best day ever.

And the guy taking out the trash over there?  I can tell he's been waiting all day for this Enya song.  And you just don't belt "Only Time" over a bag of day old banana bread unless you're having the best day ever.

And me?  I'm a lonely ship afloat in a sea of overpriced green tea and soggy volleyball courts.

But I guess there's always next Wednesday.  And if not, at least I'm not allergic to cats.