July 09, 2014

Day 38: What the Chinese Have to Say about Horcruxes (And a Giveaway)

frame from Print (Em)
A wise, old Chinese man once told me, "A part of us remains wherever we have been."

...Okay, alright, that really just came from a fortune cookie.  But even though the quote did come with an egg roll, it isn't any less true; I understand what it feels like to have parts of you scattered across the places you've been.

Every place I've lived so far saw a different phase of Nicole.  From Maryland to Florida to Chicago to DC, some phases were better than others but they all led up to the Nicole you have here today.  And that means a lot to me.

So it was only natural to want to showcase the resting places of all those various phases of Nicole.  Sort of like Voldemort's Horcruxes, only a bit less sinister.

I've never really been too into decorating my apartments before (getting rid of the rat in the wall of my last Chicago apartment seemed like enough interior design to me), but now that my monthly rent presumably feeds half the Northeast and some of Canada... I want to make the place look nice.

I haven't gotten very far but the progress I've made up to this point is thanks entirely to Craigslist, Pinterest, and Emily, owner of the Etsy store Print (Em).  And of those three, Print (Em) is definitely my favorite (it's neither sketchy nor life-consuming, for starters).

Emily recently sent me four of her 5x7 frames to review on my blog which was perfect, because I've lived in four places.  (So even if her frames sucked, at least she had the mind reading thing going for her.)

But of course, her frames didn't suck.  In fact, they were just what I wanted: homemade, simple, gold and white cardboard frames.  They fit perfectly inside the black frames I bought and add just enough "somethin' somethin'" to my pictures without being distracting.

Basically, she nailed it.

Eventually, I want to have a whole collage up there to document all of my Horcruxes... I mean experiences... but as an interior design newbie, I think I'm off to a good start.

So not that I'm biased or would ever tell you what to do, but I am biased and am telling you what to do: go check out Emily's collection of frames and prints here.  You'll love them.

Also, she'll zap you with her mind powers if you don't.

And because I don't just want to show you a bunch of pictures of stuff you don't have, Emily and I are getting together to give away one geometric or quote print from her shop.  I know, I know... we're way cooler than Voldemort.

Enter to win below by following Emily on Instagram, following me on Twitter, or commenting on this post (or all three!).  Again, you'll be zapped if you don't!

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