June 30, 2014

Day 29: When The Universe Talks, Listen

My Saturday night, with a side of bloody knee and shame
Some days, you just feel awesome.  Rockin' your heels, hair blowing like a shampoo commercial, totally cool and confident.  You know, Gracie Hart post-pageant coaching, with a touch of Beyonce.

Then sometimes you're in a public bathroom wiping gravel out of your freshly bloodied knee wound.  Because sometimes when you're walking alone to eat dinner alone at a coffee shop, you trip over the sidewalk and break your fall with your knees.  While you're wearing a lepoard print backpack.  Right across the street from what looks like half the back-up squad for the US Men's Soccer Team.

It's fine.

I won't say which kind of weekend I had but I will say I sometimes wonder if the universe is more obvious with its directions than we give it credit for.  You see, Saturday night I really, really wanted to stay in.  I could take another crack at the whole hard-boiled egg thing, maybe even see if I could mooch off someone's Netflix so I can finally check out Orange is the New Black.

I had already exhausted my friends list (of one) and nothing had come up, so I had every excuse to stay in.  But then I told myself, "Maybe you'll go out and you'll run into Barry (Obama), but you'll never know if you don't go."

So I put on some pants and I got myself out there.  But I didn't run into Barry; I ran into the sidewalk.  I'm writing this now with a piece of tissue stuck to the gash on my knee, compliments of the coffee shop bathroom.

And I'm thinking maybe this is just the universe telling me I should have stayed in.  I mean, what would have I even said if I ran into Barry anyway?  "Sucks about that lawsuit threat, but I follow at least 5 people on Twitter who've totally got your back."  I was wearing a leopard print backpack, for Christ's sake.

No, I should have gone with my gut.  And when your gut says no pants, so God help you if you put on a pair anyway.