June 27, 2014

Day 26: The Simplest Thing I Was Doing Wrong

This is a bottle of water.  You can contact me if you'd like further details.
The funny thing about simple things is that they can be so simple, you think that you can't possibly be doing it wrong.  Take for example shower curtains: such an obviously simple idea, yet so many of us out there sometimes struggle to work them properly.  And by "work them properly," I mean own them.

Or, in another example, water: it's a pretty straightforward tool to operate, really.  You drink it.  But yet still, I've spent my entire adult life evidently doing it wrong.  I mean, I got the whole mechanics of it down... I just didn't do it nearly enough.

And not drinking enough water is a huge problem for someone like me, someone who inherited from her dad the unique ability to begin sweating at the thought of a run, and from her mom the disposition to eat straight salt.  Like, literally, shaker to mouth.

The thing is, simply drinking more water never really occurred to me until the other day when someone posted this article on Facebook.  Basically, Sarah here drank three liters of water per day and after four weeks, she looked ten years younger.

At first, the article actually had me convinced to stop drinking water all together.  Because so God help me if I come out of this looking 13 again.

But after a few hours to mull it over, I decided to give it a try.  I mean hey, worst case scenario is I'm able to wear metallic blue eye shadow again.  Or maybe I'd end up just being transported back to 2004 all together, and we all know life was a lot better with Bump Bump Bump on our Walkmans.

But I'm getting off topic.  The point is, I decided to accept the challenge, meaning this baby pictured above refilled three times a day.  So far, it's been four days and I actually do sort of feel different.  Not counting the whole Splenda fiasco earlier in the week, I've actually felt noticeably better.  Mostly, I just feel like I have more energy, but I've also noticed that the puffy bags under my eyes are a little less noticeable too.

I also know the guy whose office is right next to the bathroom a lot better too.  But hey, I had to make new friends somehow.