June 11, 2014

Day 10: How to Be a Ninja

Disclaimer: I have been compensated by Hit and Run 5K to write this.  But that doesn't mean what I'm about to say is any less life changing, so feel free to disregard this disclaimer.

There are a few things in life only a fool turns down: free brunch, tacos, and a chance to be a ninja.

As you've probably learned, I am no fool.  So naturally when offered a chance to be a ninja, I do not say no.

Believe me: I know that the whole "ninja" thing is overdone.  People now days fix a jammed printer and spend the rest of the day referring to themselves as a technology ninja.  So I totally get if you're skeptical but let me assure you: I do not throw around the term "ninja" lightly.

I can also assure you that on June 28th, I will be a certified ninja.

If you're wondering how one becomes a certified ninja, here's all you need to know: you do things like this...

If you notice, none of those people are me.  Those are actually other certified ninjas in action.  If you will also notice, there is not a jammed printer in any of these pictures.

Of course, I wouldn't be bragging about this if I wasn't going to share with you how you can also become a ninja.  I will be earning my ninja status at the Hit and Run 5K race in Washington, DC, later this month.

Basically, I'll be competing in a nationwide 5K race series.  But think more "Wipeout" than Turkey Trot.  The race isn't timed; the goal is to just finish the 3.1 miles of foam, bubbles, water, moon bounces, slides, etc. etc.  You know, typical ninja terrain.

The promotional team for the Hit and Run 5K contacted me because they want me to help spread the word, and in turn help more people reach ninja status.  Ninjas aren't just being produced here in DC though; the Hit and Run 5K is literally all over the country.  So really, you have no excuse not to do it.

And don't even think about using the whole "I'm only 10 years old" or "I don't have any ninja abilities" song and dance; those excuses don't fly either.  People from 10 (the youngest age the participant can be) to 70 have done the race.  You can run, jog, or walk the course and the obstacles, while meant to be challenging, aren't "hard."  If you come to an obstacle but are hesitant, you can go around or watch other racers' attempts.

In other words, these are very accommodating ninjas you'll be working with.

So I'm not trying to tell you what to do, but I guess I really am: be a ninja.  Because when you have the chance to be a ninja, you just don't say no.

And if you're one of my Chicago readers, I'm going to make it even harder for you to find an excuse.  If you use the code ElevatorPitch14 at registration, you will get $5 off.  And if you share on Facebook during the registration process, you can get an additional $5 off for a total of $10 off the registration fees.

So basically, I've just offered you an affordable, practical way to be a ninja.  Turn that down and you're banned from the internet.

You can read more about the Chicago race here, but to make it easy: the race is July 5th at Toyota Park.  They are still working on some small details about packet pick up, hotel locations, and charities, but they should all be updated fairly soon.

So there you go: how to become a ninja.  Happy Hump Day, indeed!